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March 26th 2006
Published: March 26th 2006
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Versace's House in MiamiVersace's House in MiamiVersace's House in Miami

Thommo and Me outside Versace's Mansion on Miami Beach
Yesterday we were suddenly woken up the loudest noise at 7am!!!!! The hotel fire alarm was ringing. It is not like the fire alarms back in the UK, it is a lot lower in pitch. We checked out the hall to see if others were leaving, which they were not but we decided to move quickly and go outside just incase. When we got down there were a few others waiting around and some had all their luggage with them, we had to wait for about an hour and it was cold! I had only put a little top on, regret that now. And due to the fact that we didnt pick up any money we couldn't even go for breakfast or anything! So we just waited, the fire crew took about 15mins to turn up, lucky there was no fire else half of The Richmond Hotel would have burnt down!

Miami is busy as lots of people hore for their Easter holidays (Spring Break). I have never seen so many muscles and fake people in my life! Or people just crusing up and down in the flash cars, which actually turn out to not cost that much in comparison
Thommo's Beatle's T shirtThommo's Beatle's T shirtThommo's Beatle's T shirt

Thommo at Ultra Music Festival in the attention grabbing t shirt
to cars brought in the UK. The weather has been alot better the past few days, although they say it is chilly for here! Still having trouble working out the conversion form F to C!

After having breakfast in the hotel again (am getting used to having a greasy egg breaskfast!) we got ready to go to the Ultra Music feastival in downtown Miami. I have never had to wait in such a long queue to pick up tickets and then another long one to enter the festival! But it was certainly worth it! I think the capcity of the whole event was 60,000, Twice the size of Homelands in the Uk if i remember correctly. We soaked up the atmosphere til the afternoon and then went to see some Dj's playing, many of whom we have seen before - Bennassi, Howells, Emerson and Sanchez and many more. I like the way the Americans just go for it when dancing. We (the British) are way too reserved! But i do think a lot of the kids were wasted. So you can imagine i was in my element doing silly dancing, none of this 'look at me' business going on.
Hard FIHard FIHard FI

Hard Fi rocking Ultra Feast
Thommo got a lot of attention due to his Beatles t shirt and even had some people ask if they could take his photo

I have got to say that the highlight of the whole event for me was seeing Hard Fi play. Most of their audience turned out to be British and sunburnt but it was a wicked atmosphere. I think they are better live. We also saw the Killers, but that was after a 40min wait for them to come on stage, so my eagerness to see them was dampen some what. But they were still good to watch. We then caught a few tracks from Prodigy, however we were right at the back and kept getting interference from other beats banging out, not ideal!! We left a bit early though, which is a first for me and Thommo to do from a festival but we were concerned about getting back to South beach while there were so many people there and i had also drank way too much Redbull that my heart was working overtime. Will not be doing that again!

Today we have checked out of our hotel and are heading to the Greyhound terminal shortly to experience our first ever bus trip in the USA. We have tried to book online but it is not execpting any of our cards!!! So we are living in hope that we can just turn up!

On to Fort Pierce next to stay with some of Thommo's family...


26th March 2006

Well thats one way to work off the breakfasts and large portions. Hope all goes well with next stage of travel. Ironic that as hosepipe bans come into force in the SE tomorrow its pouring down here . Now you know what it feels like when trying to translate temperatures. for the aged amongst us
27th March 2006

The Killers
Hey fraggle! Where The Killers any good? I have been listening to them loads. Don't think much of Hard Fi, sounds like you enjoyed it. How come people wanted tommo's pick? Just for a Beatles t-shirt? Oh have you been to supersize yourselves yet? You have to upload more photos for us all. xoxo Sam
27th March 2006

Hey chick!
Hi honey glad to hear you got there safely. That music festival sounds wicked, starts off the experience nicely! When I was in America, my cousin and I always shared a meal. You can see why Americans have an obesity problem! I remember going to some cafe for 'all you can eat' breakfast and troughed my way through about twenty fried breakfasts, it was all good though! Better go hun, take care, say hi to Thommo hope you have lots of fun babe love Rach xxxx
27th March 2006

Hey hey hey!!! Glad you're having a cool time! Can't believe you saw the Killers! I'm so jealous! I'm missing you loads. Went to ring you yesterday then realised your not here anymore and nearly cried!! Just make sure you keep us posted on all the wicked things your gonna do over the next year and see you and Chrimbo in Perth!! G.X
24th April 2006

Everyones got a yellow Tshirt must be a new trend I dont yet know about lol xx

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