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March 27th 2008
Published: April 9th 2008
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Miami South BeachMiami South BeachMiami South Beach

Minus Pammy running along in a red bikini!
First Up - The Eagle Eyed among you may have actually seen me in various places around London in the last week or so. Well, you are not mistaken and I am in fact (Delighted to be?) back home and back at work. It's not as much fun writing these blogs from my office in Uxbridge as in various internet cafes around South America I can tell you. And it snowed here at the weekend - In April!

Miami - enjoying the trip up to the bitter end

Miami was the final 2 day stopover of the whole adventure then. The idea was just to take it very easy, adjust back to normal life a little (Well, as normal as life is in Miami) and go shopping too i think. And all of these we pretty much managed to achieve.

We stayed in a really nice hotel on South Beach as a final blow out of the budget ("I could travel for 2 weeks in Bolivia for that!"). This was partially chosen due to the happy hour free bar in the hotel for 1.5 hours (Happy hour and a half) every night, which we made full use of.

Helen and I both had a really great time just walking around and taking in the sights. We did a fair bit of people watching (Because there are a fair few strange people to watch in Miami), ate loads and drank a fair bit too. I guess it was an end of trip blow out.

And after it all, it was off to the airport for the 3 hour delayed flight to Heathrow's brand new, shiny, but totally useless, Terminal 5. Start as we mean to go on i guess with a delayed British Airways flight. Welcome home!

And so that's it I'm afraid. I could keep writing these blogs, but i don't think office life in London is going to be half as exciting for you to read about. So i am going to stop here. Thanks for all the comments on the blog, kept me amused for the last 4 months.
Until next time........

Adios Amigos

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The only good thing about coming home?The only good thing about coming home?
The only good thing about coming home?

The first pint of Guinness went down very well!
We didn't see this in EcuadorWe didn't see this in Ecuador
We didn't see this in Ecuador

Beautiful buildings, beautiful cars, beautiful people
Mini Helen Trapped in the world of giant flowerpotsMini Helen Trapped in the world of giant flowerpots
Mini Helen Trapped in the world of giant flowerpots

Didn't take away from our partaking of Happy 1.5 hours!
A hotel with a pool?A hotel with a pool?
A hotel with a pool?

Now thats a novelty!

9th April 2008

Mike, it's been a real pleasure to read your blog and get a bit of a flavour about what you're doing. Vicarious travelling won't catch on but you might have a future writing travel guides! See you back in Blighty then...
10th April 2008

Party Time!
Mate! Welcome home! When is your welcome home party!
10th April 2008

Re: Party Time
Sorry i didn't get the equator shot! Lets arrange a night out now i am back. I'll be in touch. I have many's a tale to tell you....
11th April 2008

Good travelling
Good travelling, good writing, hope you have a good house-coming too. Cheers and maybe we┬┤ll ever see each other again.

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