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12th October 2011

Vow! Amazing story. I love it. I wish u all the happiness in the future and in ur new career:-)) X
10th October 2011

So happy for you both. May your lives together be filled with happiness. You\'ve both picked wisely, now treat each other kindly.
10th October 2011

Amigos y Amor
Que lindo leerlos! Qué lindo saber que terminan este período con felicidad y alegría. Nos encantó haber podido compartir con ustedes la ultima parada del viaje maravilloso que hicieron. Los acompañamos con el alma y les deseamos lo mejor en la nueva etapa, los queremos...y estamos cruzando dedos para ir a la boda!! Mucho amor!!
10th October 2011

Congrats again on the engagement! I hope you are both settling back into things at home ok and have had some luck finding work.....Talk to you soon....oh yeah and if u have a skype account add me...Keith
2nd June 2011

Looks beautiful there...
...but better get there quick before their whole lifestyle and culture is Americanised! Lovely photos as always :-) Well done.
22nd May 2011

Japanese Food
Yeah Megan, we could easily have spent just 2 weeks trying out different foods. First picture on this blog is possibly my fave of the whole trip, so random! Just a couple of guys we saw on the street.
22nd May 2011

Re: The Big Swing
Builds the tension, don't you think?
From Blog: ¡Viva Guate!
21st May 2011

The Big Swing
Love the dramatic pause before letting go.. ;) x
From Blog: ¡Viva Guate!
12th May 2011

Wow Id go to Japan just for the food. Love the dog pics and what is picture 1 in Tokyo about?
19th April 2011

Appocalypse Now
Is this really cooking or trying to replicate the special effects on the above ledgendary film. Look forward to trying some of your dishes, hope you are writing down the recipes!! Love to you both from all of us!!
17th April 2011

Hello and see you soon
hola amigos cant believe we are going to meet soon, the world is a small wonderful place!!! cant wait to catch up and to hear in first hand your amzing adventures. to many cuba livres and to a big heartfelt hug due soon!!! loads of love guys and hasta granada Joana xxx
13th April 2011

Vang Vieng
Happy shakes saved for next time i guess!
11th April 2011

What about Vang Vieng
I see you missed out on the cultural delights of Vang Vieng. Do you have something against Friends looping 24 hours a day?
28th March 2011

Ha ha hanoi xmas!
Hey lovely people, I only just managed to read this as I've been off internet mostly (in Thai paradise). Happy to get a mention and a photo and to be reminded of that bizarre but fantastic Xmas eve! Fond memories and new friends! Hope all is well and happy/safe travels.... L xx
16th March 2011

Tan Lines
"Do you want to see my white bits" takes on a whole new meaning!"
13th March 2011

Thats a hell of a farmers tan you have going on there
11th March 2011

But of course the turtle is real! It was a cause of great excitement, people were abandoning their bikes at the edge of the road and running to join the crowd to see her poke her head out!
11th March 2011

Did you really see the mega-turtle? I thought it was like Nessie, a myth invented to keep people staring into a perfectly still lake. I completely agree with you about the kindness of the people in Hue, the charm of Hanoi and particularly the great Xmas eve celebration. Hope you are having a great time where ever you may be these days.
7th February 2011

Great Pics
Good blog - hope you took the pics in High Res - you'll want a few of those poster size when you get back!
3rd February 2011

wasn't long enough :)
Just wanted to tell you I loved you blog about trekking. Yes your right you couldn't have shortened it. great read!
31st January 2011

hi mike, glad all going well! sounds like your having a ball...I'm heading off in 2 weeks to NY then San Fran and then making my way overland from Mexico to Columbia....If you end up heading that direction, make sure to let me know!
31st January 2011

That post just made me really, really want to Hong Kong...like right now. Hope you are having a great time wherever you are. :)
28th January 2011

Awesome! I guess I am entitled to be jealous.... !:)) All the best, Ozlem
25th January 2011

Dear Mike and Helen, I had so much pleasure reading some of your stories!!! You are a pair of professional "bloggers", congrats! Love the pictures as well. Besos y abrazos desde Buenos Aires XXX
18th January 2011

Found your blogs
Mike & Helen, Found your blogs today and they are great. Can't wait to read more Happy Travels!

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