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October 26th 2021
Published: October 27th 2021
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Two weeks post- op and Cory went to see his doctor. Well, kind of….he passed him at the work station….enough to share greetings. Don’t you think he should be called Dr. Hunky? Oh-la-la. Cory was actually seen by his Physician Assistant, Christa. She plays an important role in this whole process….after the doctor performed the surgery, it was Christa who put Patient Cory back together again with her handiwork. She will follow him until he is completely recovered. She is very good! I do have one complaint, however. Cory rolls his eyes on this. They didn’t take a photo of his knee during the surgery! Remember mine that I shared with all of you? All the blood and gore and raw bone….’member? You knew me inside and out after that. Not going to happen here with Mr. C….Rats! Double rats! No snapshot of his innards. But what can we do? Cory refuses to go back and have them do it again…but whhhyyyyyyy I asked….whhyyyyyyy not? I so wanted to make our knee pictures into a Christmas card….scratch that idea! I think I mentioned previously that his doctor used robotics while performing the surgery. It was interesting to understand exactly what the robotics did and didn’t do. The doctor did the actual placement of the device but the robotics gave the exact position and size. They took X-rays of his knee at the office. Everything looked good. They are very satisfied with his progress. Good job, Buckaroo. The nurse was the one who removed Cory’s dressing. That is always fascinating to see….rather than stitches, he had little zip ties closing the wound. She took hold of the top and zzzzipppp….pulled them right down the wound and out. Cool. Well, kind of…..it did pull on his little leg hairs that had started their regrowth. Moan, Moan…whoa there, Guy. Suck it up, Buttercup! She put little stiristrips across the wound. They will fall off with showering and time. Then Cory and I will have matching knee scars….I just love it when we can share things together. Better than matching outfits. One year, we had “his and hers” colonoscopies ….that was special.

Cory has been going to physical therapy at the Celebration hospital. He has Miranda as his therapist. She is the same one I had. She is the top one there and is THEE best! She has been working Cory through all the exercises and machines that will give his knee full mobility again …..I can attest to that. She is pleased with his determination and progress. Because our roles have reversed now….I drive Cory in our car to rehab. Just note: I have never driven in Florida except when Cory had his cataract surgery and I had to. That was only two times….whew! My legs shook the whole time. Now, I am driving twice a week to rehab as well as going to our favorite store….name it….yes: Walmart! And to the grocery store, Aldi’s and Sam’s Club. I feel like a regular limo driver now. It’s all good. I might become an Uber driver….you never know.

When we go to the hospital, we use their valet service. Before, Cory would drop me off to go to PT, go park the car and just wait for me. Such a patient soul. This time, we both get out. Cory goes to PT and I go to their fitness center. Yes….no joking. I have actually signed up to go to a fitness center. As you can see by looking at me….I have NEVER gone to a fitness center. I’ll try anything once. It’s a fabulous fitness center. I have access to all the machines, workout lessons, the huge lap pool, a heated pool, spa center, sauna. It is quite overwhelming. I was told to use a locker to store my purse….bring my own lock. We only had a big bicycle lock so that’s what I use….at least I know which locker to go to. My first day, I tried to figure out what to do….what could I do?? I saw a machine that I used in rehab to warm up….a sitting, pedal machine. That was good….I used that for awhile. Finally, a little lady showed up and went behind the desk. I introduced myself and told her this was my first time here and first time at a fitness center. She could tell that just by looking at me. I told her I wasn’t sure I knew what machine to use or how to use them. She said I needed an appointment when someone could go over all that with me. I said I’d bring our schedule next time I came. In the meantime, she showed me a machine to use where I moved two bars with my arms, while pressing my chest into a big pad and sitting up straight. It was easy. She left. I went back to my pedal machine. Then I thought I could and should try something else. I managed to get up on a bicycle with a very teenie seat. I started pedaling….it was good….but OMG….the seat was horrible. It hurt my tush like crazy. I almost screamed in pain. No way was I going to ride this thing……why was the seat so tiny and pointed …..why? Who would do such a thing to themselves anyway? I figured I could try a treadmill like machine….where I stood….the pedals went around and around…..EXCEPT mine were going backwards! I tried to go forward but felt like I was flailing all over. I wasn’t comfortable on this monster. Okay….now what can I do? Not much! I saw a guy helping another person ….I asked him about a machine that looked like a “shuttle” machine I had used in rehab. He said there was a shuttle machine just like what I was talking about across the room. I moseyed over to it. Yes….this is it. I loved this machine. You lie on your back and put your feet against a little wall and push. Only problem, this machine had a moveable pad to lie on and I couldn’t figure out how to move it. It seemed stuck. I climbed on anyway…..having my knees almost under my chin. I pushed my feet against the wall and it moved so easy but I was so scrunched up. I looked like a Thanksgiving Turkey. I struggled and got off and wandered back to my pedal machine. The helper guy asked how I made out……he could see by my face NOT GOOD. He willingly took me back to the scrunch-up shuttle. Easily, he positioned the pad in place to fit me and then put the weights on the machine…no wonder it moved so freely! I got on it and was in business….thank you Mister. It was just like old times. Push, Push, Push! I struggled getting off it again but I always did that. I’m not as agile as I used to be….not even close. It’s not pretty to watch! Other exercising folks shielded their eyes. Back to my pedal machine. My good old standby. I’m in awe watching all the people at this place. They have such strength and agility. The women wear tight spandex clothing over their svelte little bodies. Me: I’m in a sloppy t-shirt and cheap, knit shorts over my big, lumpy body….what’s wrong with this picture? Time was up and I unlocked my bicycle lock and met up with Cory. We were both worn out and went back to the RV and slept for several hours! This is our routine twice a week….nap included!

Many more of our friends have returned to Tropical Palms….hip-hip-hooray. That means our Canopy Coffee Cafe has reopened. It so nice to have all these friendly, familiar faces gather around and share laughter, good memories and good times. This is what we have been looking forward to over the summer. Lulu has been quite lazy nowadays. I should take her to the fitness center with me. Not sure what she could do, though….maybe float in the pool or have a facial massage. She needs to be rallied around…that I know. She wakes up just as everyone who has come for coffee is leaving. She rolls (you know why) outside and tosses herself up into a chair…..alone. Then she wonders where everyone is! Come on, Lu….you have to get your act together. We are still missing some good friends at coffee but they’ll be coming….we just hope sooner than later. Come on down! We are waiting for you.

There’s always something to do with our motor home. We’ve discussed this before. We belong to a group on Facebook that is made up of all Tiffin RV (our RV) owners. It has a wealth of information from other Tiffin owners regarding their motor homes. We have learned a lot from this site. One thing that was mentioned was to have our roof top air conditioners cleaned. They recommended doing this yearly. Hah! We have never done this….better late than never. We hired a tech to come here and do it for us. No way is Cory getting on our roof….even without being incapacitated with a knee replacement. Those days have passed! Anyway, this nice, young fellow did a fine job with cleaning the two air conditioners. We had two others issues for him to do. One day, Cory was sitting on our theater chairs. It works well for him cause he can raise the leg rest for his knee. Anyway, whether he was all drugged up or whatever, he started pushing the control buttons and put the recliner too far back and the chair became unbolted from the floor. It set higher than the other seat and rocked back and forth (and it’s not a rocking chair). Rats! Fortunately, Quinn (the tech) could get down on the floor and under the seat and fix that problem for us. Whew! Another crisis is over. One of our roof top vents opens okay but the fan in it doesn’t run. Quinn went through his diagnostic steps and decided it was the switch….he would have to order it and return. That’s okay. It is what it is! Next project: get the RV washed and waxed. We hire someone to do that, too. We tried it ourselves one time….years ago….never, never again! And we have stuck to that motto.

Remember how wonderful it was when I shared all the delightful restaurants and yummy food we were enjoying before Cory’s surgery? ‘member? That was so great but, oh….sooooo long ago. I’ve had to put on my chef hat and kitchen apron and get busy cooking again. Moan and groan….oh, suck it up, Guenter! You are not a queen so don’t expect the food to be prepared and served to you daily by your own personal chef. Rats! But I want to be a queen! Quiet!! I used to love to cook but after going out to restaurants, I quickly decided I preferred that way over cooking. But, duty calls and I’m back in form ……somewhat. Fortunately, my IPad is providing me with all sorts of interesting and EASY recipes to try. Only problem, I thought I had to buy ALL the ingredients at one time for all the recipes and ended up with an overflowing freezer, refrigerator and cupboards. We are like a food pantry or a Mormon’s larder. Of course, I couldn’t make everything at once so some of the perishables found their way into our garbage. Cory has been a willing subject for the stuff I make….what choice does he have? He’s somewhat more mobile now but I’m still the driver of the car. Na-nananana.

But…..let me do a quick update. The good life is getting back on track. Today, Cory went to PT and I went to the fitness center. We share our experiences. The least enjoyable part of his therapy is when Miranda has him lie flat and presses his knee downward on the table. Yow! I know what he’s talking about. But…..No more whining on my part….why, you ask. Nope…nothing about my knee. Guess where we went? No, not Walmart. We went to Applebee’s and ate lunch. Ohhhhh…..it was wonderful! The service was great and the food delicious. I didn’t want to leave. Oh, thank you, Cory…..you made my day. My apron remains folded on the counter tonight…..yippee!

We’ll end this blog with another medical update. Cory and I got our Moderna booster shots. Whoopee. Hopefully, we should be in good shape to avoid getting Covid…..fingers crossed. We first went to the local grocery store pharmacy. They were too busy and said we would have to wait an hour. Not that we had anything special to do (life when you are retired) but Cory didn’t want to lean on his cane all that time. I drove down the busy highway to Sam’s Club. I’m getting fearless now with all this driving. Their pharmacy wasn’t busy and we signed up quickly. The pharmacist took me first. I sat behind a privacy screen. He gave a little spiel and then prepped my arm. WAIT!! What are you doing? I moved away from his grasp. He was going to give me my shot high up on my arm! No way, José! That’s not where you give a shot! I told him I was a nurse and showed him how to plot the injection site…..two or three finger breaths down from the acromion process (where the top of the arm meets the shoulder) and then picture a triangle below that or spread your fingers to make a V. Jeepers! He gave my shot where I showed him with my eagle eye watching every move. He didn’t aspirate the syringe when he gave it to me. I groaned and shook my head. I complain every time I see a shot being given on TV and they don’t aspirate the syringe. As soon as I could, I googled this. I see that it has been decided it is not necessary anymore using this injection site. I’m old school and would still aspirate. He said he’s been giving shots since 2011. I said I’ve been giving them since 1971! When Cory went behind the screen, he asked Cory if he wanted his shot in the same place as me. Cory said sure…not having a clue where I had had my shot. It’s good I didn’t get it in my left knee…..his replacement knee. We survived all this and had no side affects at all…..lucky us. Whew!

I’m quanked and you must be, too. If you don’t recognize that word….it’s time to Google it. Our daughter, Lory, always says “Google is our friend.” I used to reach for the trusty dictionary…..boy, I’m so old! Glad to visit with all of you. May your day be as joy-filled and wonderful as it can possibly be.

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Hey….one more thing! This blog is #600 that I have written. OMG! Talk about being quanked. How many of these blogs did you manage to get through? If you have poor eyesight now…you can probably blame it on me and all these lengthy blogs! What more can I say? I heard you….NOTHING!

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27th October 2021

These pictures were really good. ISn't amazing what new technology has done. Hope to see you this winter. Jp
27th October 2021

Glad Cory is progressing. Love all your experiences. Waiting for Moderna booster in southern NY. Available now, but not soon enough for the Leach sisters. Sheila, Sharon and I have had breakthrough Covid. Sheila and I survived and doing fine. Sharon has been in ICU for two weeks. She has health issues which have slowed her progress. Yesterday she showed improvement. Moral of story: Make sure everyone gets booster. Have a great day!
27th October 2021

Glad to hear from you Janice. Sorry to hear about the Covid…especially with your sister in ICU. Sending a prayer for her recovery. It certainly had turned the world and everyone in it upside down. Take care and stay well. ❤️

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