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November 24th 2019
Published: November 25th 2019
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We can hear you now. Yes, sounds good. Your shout-out to go to Beefy King is a perfect choice. None of us have ever been here before. We found out it is an Orlando landmark known for its fabulous roast beef sandwich. Family owned.....and they just had their 50th anniversary of being in business. Just recently, their restaurant was burned by an arsonist. Sad! They wasted no time in completing the necessary renovations and had their grand reopening on Wednesday, November 20th.....and we all were there to help them celebrate. Yahoo!

It’s not the easiest place to drive’s beyond the Amyway Center so you have to fight the traffic and construction of I-4 and downtown Orlando. I was white knuckled in the back seat all the way! Not sure what we expected of this famous foodery but it wasn’t anything like our minds had pictured. But.... it was all good.....and the food was super excellent. Of course, it was busy....always is but this was a special day. TV cameras and reporters were part of the crowd. Fortunately, we got a table right away. Chatted with the folks around us....super friendly people. I ordered their signature sandwich: thick roast beef on a steamed bun with onion and cheese. Spuds (tater tots) are their “French Fries”. Cory got just the XL roast beef sandwich with spuds, cole slaw and a pickle. Sandy got the roast beef sandwich and Sam had their ham & cheese. Lulu got our leftovers which were slim pic’ins. Back home in NY, a similar speciality sandwich is a beef on weck. Some put horseradish on the beef. It is served on a kimmelweck roll. Beefy King‘s twist was even better cause I don’t care for all the toppings on the weck roll.

We met the owner of Beefy King. Gracious guy. And obviously, you can see who grabbed right onto him. It’s amazing how Lunging Lulu gets around with her multiple limitations. There was a reporter interviewing this owner outside his establishment.....cameras rolling. Never wanting to miss a chance to be on TV, Lulu and I walked outside and lingered behind the owner. We tried to be discreet. Best we could. It was not easy holding onto Lulu. She was trying to thrust herself onto the owner’s shoulder but I held her back. If I couldn’t be front and center.....neither could she. That evening, we watched the TV news. Rats! Didn’t see the interview .....and nothing of Likable Lulu and me. Maybe it was on a different channel at a different time. We can only hope. If folks saw that Lulu was dining at this yummy eatery.......they would swamp the place. She does have her followers.

Thursday, Cory had “his” day so I was to have mine. Yippee. He got up early and left to play golf with the Tropical Palm’s league. I snuggled down in our comfy bed (remember our wonderful Princess Cruise Ship mattress?) ready for a late morning sleep. Whaaaaaaaaat!? What is the horrible loud noise outside our RV? It can’t be! Oh, God! It was the lawn mower man on his loud zero turn mower! Cory hadn’t picked up our lawn ornaments because we didn’t realize they were coming. For 3 Thursdays, he has put our lovely lawn decorations away so they could mow our small patch of Florida grass. For 3 Thursdays, they haven’t mowed us. The park said they would come every other week now because the weather was getting cooler. Well, here they were and not able to mow us unless the lawn stuff was removed. I bounded out of the snuggly bed and threw a shirt and pants on after ripping off my nightgown. I was like a undocumented farm worker yanking all our decor out of the ground as fast as I could. I signaled to the masked mower to come ahead. They all wear dark rags around their faces keep the debris out I guess. He zoomed right over and did his noisy job. Scratch “my” day. It didn’t happened. I was up and wide awake. My day consisted of cleaning, cleaning and washing. I got a lot done which felt good. Lulu supervised me all day. She has a very watchful eye.

Cory returned from his fun and successful golf outing around 3:30 PM. He help me with a couple tasks that I couldn’t do alone. And then.....he was off again to play poker with other men from the park. It’s was new favorite show, Young Sheldon, was on TV so I sprawled out on our new theater lounge and enjoyed every minute of it. It was “The Day of Cory”.....he deserved it. Me.....maybe next time. Even if the yard items are picked up, the roar of the mower machines will halt my cozy, snuggly sleep. C’est la vie.

I’m sure you are envisioning our stay here as just fun, frolic, happy hours, relaxation and siestas. Well, most of the time it is. However, there are those occasions when friends come together to help one another with whatever problem may pop up. Remember, last May, when Walt & Diane’s small, entrance door awning had come out after they left for home. Little Sandy maneuvered her way into their RV through a window in order to open their door. Art was able to anchor it closed up until the issue could be dealt with at a later date.

The date for this awning repair came the other day. Art & Dave put their super brains together to figure out what was wrong and how to fix it. These magical men can solve anything. We all are so fortunate and grateful to have them here to lend their expertise and knowledge when needed. They are the best! While they worked in unison on Walt’s awning, Cory was putting our entrance door awning out. Whaaaaaat!? Nooooooo. It came out all crooked.

“There was a crooked man......and they all lived together in a little crooked house”....remember that rhyme? Well, here we stood looking up at our crooked awning. He got his trusty ladder out, got up on it, and started pulling on the fabric. Nope. Rats! the closing bracket doesn’t snap back into place. We are dead meat! We needed help. “Who Ya Gonna Call”(From Ghostbusters). We knew. We jumped on our golf cart and headed down the road where the first awning project was being done. Linda & Diane we’re watching Dave, Art and Walt fix the awning. John and Patti came by to help with the supervision. We asked to be placed on their next work order. Cory helped sturdy the ladder to give Walt a rest while Dave worked high in the sky.

Soon, Dave came up to inspect our crooked awning. High on his ladder, he yanked harder on our awning and got it back in place. Perfect. It worked fine and we were no longer crooked! Words can’t express how much we owe to these Wonderful Worker Bees that solve everyone’s problem. Kudos to these fine gentlemen.

Saturday was a special day. Mike and Terry were coming over (from Lake Magic) for a visit. You just saw Mike with us the other day when we all went to Cheddar’s...remember? His wife, Terry, just flew down so it was time for a reunion. Yippee! Sam & Sandy joined all of us for “Happy Hour”. Lulu wasn’t going to hide out inside the RV. She was right out in the midst of us. She let her glory shine. Linda and Joe drove past on their golf cart and joined us for awhile. Their pup, Maxine, it the sweetest fur baby ever. She is eleven so I guess she’s not a pup....but she looks like one. Lois and Mike come over and said “Howdy Hi.” They had just arrived from Wisconsin and were on their way to visit with their good friends, Carolyn and Bill, across the road. After Linda and Joe left, Dave & Linda came by on their golf cart and stopped for awhile. The more the merrier. Friends, Friends and more Friends. That’s why this park is so special: the Friends! They moved on and left us to fend for supper. Easy peasy. Hot dogs and burgers on the grill. Sandy made her yummy baked beans and I offered up my macaroni salad. Terry and Mike had brought wine so we weren’t sure if we were eating a hot dog OR a hamburger. That’s ok. It was fun. And it was wonderful being together again.

Just like with this blog. It’s so wonderful that we can be with each one of you through this unbound “book” blog. Yeah...I know. Some of my chapters are as long as some entire books. Can’t help it. We don’t want you to miss any bit of this informative trivia. Hey....I can hear what you saying. Don’t think I can’t! But it’s all okay. At least you are paying attention. Lulu loves attention, you know. She doesn’t hesitate to do almost anything to gain some. Yes, she’s limited in how much she can actually do but just seeing her brings on applause. She loves that. 🎼🎼🎼”She’s So Vain!”🎼🎼🎼


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Art taking a break, John supervising

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