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November 13th 2018
Published: November 26th 2018
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Squishy PillowsSquishy PillowsSquishy Pillows

Sleeping, Sleeping
Just like I said: Our plans for today was to go to the huge Webster Flea Market. And that we did! Did you have a good time trudging through all the old and new treasures? We sure did. We didn’t get the early start as we wanted but that’s okay. We saw enough during our time there. When we were at Sam’s Club on Saturday, they were have a big sale. Not that we needed them cause we have so many as is......we ended up buying two more bed pillows. Pillow fight,anyone? We can furnish the pillows. They were so soft and squishy I couldn’t resist. $14.98 for two. How could we not buy them? Cory said they both could be for me...not enough support for him. Hah! Once home, he said maybe he would try one. He loves it! They compliment our “Princess and the Pea” bed so well. We sleep and sleep and sleep....that’s why we couldn’t get up so early today. When you are swaddled in all this soft and squishy comfort, you don’t want to go anywhere. You don’t even want to move a finger. You don’t want to open even one eye. You don’t care that you actually feel paralyzed. That is until nature calls and you know you don’t want to soil all this gloryland fabric.

Our ride to Webster takes us at least an hour. It is worth it. Our routine is as follows: stop at McDonald’s on 192 and get 2 plain biscuits and one large Diet Coke. We share the drink. Lulu even gets her lips around the straw. She never gains an ounce though. Luckeeeee Lulu. Depending on when we leave, the traffic can be heavy or moderate. With our late start, it was moderate. Cory knows the way as he drives our black sleigh (with wheels). A couple small towns that we pass through are pathetic. They are definitely low poverty areas. Some of the broken down sheds are actually homes to folks who live there. Of course, each one has at least one tethered, weary dog outside.....that’s sad. Our backroad takes us through the typical Florida trees with Spanish Moss dangling from them. It always reminds me of the Forrest Gump movie when Forrest had to run....”Run, Forrest, Run! I love this part of the ride. So pretty and different from our home area. Rode past a big
Run, Forrest, RunRun, Forrest, RunRun, Forrest, Run

And he did!
field where the hay had been wrapped. It looked like an actual Giant had dropped his bag of marshmallows. Time went quickly because it’s been a year since we have traveled this wandering, splendiferous road.

And now we have arrived! Thousands of folks have arrived before us. That’s okay...there are so many areas to check out with so much stuff...all for sale. Plenty to go around.

First thing we saw was our friend, Sandy. Such a small world in such a big place! We knew they were here cause we had planned our adventure together yesterday. They leave much earlier in the morning than we do (they didn’t buy the squishy pillows) ...thus two separate cars. She knew I wanted sunglasses like her’s. Regular sunglasses with reader glass lens at the bottom....like bifocals. Right know I’m like a jugular of glasses. Walking, I’m just wearing the sunglasses. Once inside, they get pushed up in my head. Needing to read something....my readers come out. Now I’m wearing two sets of glasses and switching back and forth. I only have 35 regular sunglasses but these are obviously different. Sandy, our tour guide, took us right to the guy who has
A d he never stopped runningA d he never stopped runningA d he never stopped running

Through the beautiful trees
them for the best price. Not this week, he’ll bring them next week. Rats....we are heading home next Monday. This flea market is open only on Monday. Went under a pavilion....2 pair for $7.00....WOW! But each pack had been opened and sealed back up. They didn’t have the strength I wanted either. Nope! Next lady had them for $20 each...Nope! Then we found a nice lady who had what I wanted: 2 for $15.00. We’ll take them. Great! I found this neat neck hanger for my phone. Perfect cause I don’t always take my phone: no pockets or no pocketbook. Lulu can’t have a phone...no fingers or arms. $5.00 each for this phone holder - reasonable. No more excuses. My phone will be dangling around my neck from now on. Call me sometime! If Lulu answers, chat with her for awhile. She always wanted to be a telephone operator.

We wandered around looking for a bicycle mirror but no luck. We left Sandy in this “new” section that also includes vegetables and fruits. We headed over to “The West Side-The Best Side”. This is where all the antiques and collectibles and junk are found. We used to set up on occasion on this side. Still no bike mirror. Oh, well...the hunt will continue elsewhere. I don’t want one that sticks out the handlebar. Just a little, old upright one. We saw several items we would have bought if we were still in the business. Lulu was in her glory posing for one picture after another. She should have been a model but again, her limitations held her back. Couldn’t walk the catwalk....no legs. Cory hit up conversations with several of the dealers. It’s still fun to talk about the business. Half way through this huge field, we ran into Sam. Better that we ran into him then he running into us....his scooter can flattened us out with one swipe. He had found a few treasures. We’ll do “Show & Tell” tomorrow.

We all called it quits @ 12:30 PM. Dealers were packing up. It was hot out in the field...very hot even though a nice breeze would come along once in awhile.

Decisions, Decisions. Where shall we meet to eat? Bob Evans? Culvert’s? Sam kind of leaned towards Bob’s. That’s okay...we like both places. In the end, we ended up going to Culvert’s first. Yes, that’s right....first!
Webster Flea Market Webster Flea Market Webster Flea Market

The West Side is the Best Side
We like this place a lot. Sam tries to like it. His corn dog was too small. He had to get it off the kids menu cause that was the only place it was offered. Two bites and it was gone. He was still hungry. So, because, he tried our choice, we all followed him to his choice: Bob Evans. Yes, we had lunch and then walked across the driveway to have lunch again. Sam received a free meal cause he is a Veteran. Sandy got an ice water, Cory got coffee and I ended up with a kid’s sundae...no drink. Our waitress was on her first day of training. She was very outgoing and friendly but did not have her act together to be a waitress yet. She tried but it didn’t come easy for her. Needless to say she had to make many, many trips back and forth to our table. Of course, the bills were screwed up. We agreed our double luncheons were for the socialization aspect and not the food. Even though we had plenty of that, too. Burp! Lulu turned her head when offered some of ours. She knows when to stop. Sam topped his second meal off with warm pumpkin pie & whipped cream. Thank heavens we had walked miles around the flea market to compensate for our copious intake.

As we moseyed along back to Tropical Palms, we made a few stops: two thrift stores and one Walmart (can never get enough of Walmart even if we don’t need anything). Still looking for a bicycle mirror that attaches to the handle bar and not just the handle. Well, no luck at any of these places but did find Lulu a possible new boyfriend. He has the same limitations that she has. So much in common. We didn’t buy him though. Lulu is enough to handle. Now that we moved on, they probably won’t find each other ever again.....no legs for searching. It doesn’t matter—Lulu has her favorite boyfriend, Jeff. This short, smiling fellow with the snazzy hat would only have hampered Jeff & Lulu’s special relationship. Knowing Lulu, she would have only used “Shorty” to instill jealousy into Jeff. We don’t think that would have been a good idea. Jeff is tough but he has a soft heart. However, he won’t let anything or anyone come between the two of them. It could end up with a duel. We certainly don’t need that.

In this same shop, I came across another lady with similar imperfections like Lulu. First, I thought she was a Jackie Kennedy wanna-be. Her hair was way too messy though. That would have been Lulu’s case had I not given her a haircut. It was so difficult for me to keep her long, flowing locks managed.....chop, chop, chop. Not the best cut in the world but it’s easy to care for. Lulu doesn’t complain. I styled it after my haircut....we are look alike’s except for the color and bangs.

Rats! Double rats! My Facebook account got hacked! Nooooooooooo! What a pain. I appreciate those who let me know they had received a questionable note from me on the FB message page. Sent out my warning to all and started the tedious process of restoring my account to a safe one. Besides changing my password, I checked and rechecked all my activity, posts, security, back up’s, etc. I notified Facebook to check it all out. Finally, I can say I’m clean. What an ordeal though. Thanks for bearing with me Facebook friends. I hate hackers!!

I’m finding out that my previous blog “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” has not gone out to everyone, a few but not all....including myself (I do that as a check to insure it has been published). I have sent this issue on to the Travel Blog site as it is them who publish and send out all my blogs. Still haven’t heard from them yet. So if you end up getting several of them .....please understand we are just trying to correct this problem. If it rains, it pours! Rats!

This blog may arrive post date, too. First I need to know the Blog Site has resolved the original issue. I know.....it’s a lot for you to deal with but I also know you are kind and patient folks. Just breathe. As in the words of my mother “This, too, shall pass!”

Hang in there! Life may give us lemons but we will figure out how to make lemonade. Drink up, one and all.

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Lulu tried on a cast iron braLulu tried on a cast iron bra
Lulu tried on a cast iron bra

Best she could....no breasts
Lunch at Culver’s Lunch at Culver’s
Lunch at Culver’s

Lunch again at Bob Evans
A possible mate for LuluA possible mate for Lulu
A possible mate for Lulu

Jackie Kennedy wannabe
I was hackedI was hacked
I was hacked

I recovered

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