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March 30th 2017
Published: March 30th 2017
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There's a Raccoon Up There
Collier Seminole State Park, Naples, Florida

It was a Down Day.

Slept in a couple of hours.

Got up, walked and fed the dogs, made coffee, wrote yesterday's blog.

Caught up on the New York Times, Facebook, and email.

Made a bacon and eggs breakfast and ate it outside.

Girls got chased inside by a raccoon exploring the campground.

Gathered up the laundry and located the laundry facility. Machines were in use. Located another laundry facility and loaded dirty clothes.

Had quarters ready but there was no slot for coins - machines only took cards. Credit card blocked, used debit card.

Took a long walk to the Ranger station while laundry washing.

Saw a dredging machine they used to clear out the swamp for the Tamiami highway.

Checked with the ranger station to see if the new credit cards had arrived. Nope.

Back to the trailer for a sandwich.

Raccoon went up a tree, so took pictures.

Complained about the humidity.

Then we all took a nap with the A/C on.

Woke up.

Went back to the ranger station (by car this time). Credit cards had arrived.

Came back and activated them.

Drove into Naples to find a grocery store.

Did shopping. Tried to use the credit card, but didn't work. Had to call credit card company to find out what the problem was now. They unblocked the account and we retried the transaction. It finally worked. Was embarrassed and angry.

Went wrong way coming out of grocery store. So had to make a U-turn. Pissed off a cop, but it was too hot for him to go after me.

Got back, and unloaded groceries.

Looked at cash flow. Mortgage payment was going to bounce because we had to withdraw extra cash because of stopped credit cards. Had to withdraw additional money from savings and transfer it to checking.

Finally able to sit down in shade and have a big glass of wine!

Grilled a half-rack of ribs for dinner.

Went to bed and finished my book on the creation of the Gulf Islands National Seashore. Took decades of political fighting between developers, county, state, and federal lawmakers. Almost didn't happen. Glad it did.

Went to sleep.

It was a Down Day. (17.1.22)


30th March 2017

Quick Read
This was a quick read and didn't make me smile. Better days ahead for you...This was a down day, indeed.

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