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3rd August 2018

Home Sweet Home
Happy to hear that you both had another great adventure. And that your solar home is a sunny success. i was up in Iowa and Minnesota. Always love the Kansas turnpike.
30th July 2018

YOU did it! AGAIN.
Lucky you two and the puppies too. America the Beautiful is getting smaller and smaller for you every trip. That wish list is Precious memories to last you till the next road trip. Let me be the first to say WELCOME HOME TO NEW MEXICO:) XO
26th July 2018

All's well that ends well.
14th July 2018

No burn out here
I hope you can both keep up the energy levels since it's so fun to follow your adventures!
14th July 2018

We’re Trying
We will make it but we’re dropping into energy conservation mode. We are also starting to face summer heat.
12th July 2018

Glad that you can see now in comfort.
11th July 2018

The falls look wonderful with their force, depth, and splash. I bet that was a refreshing visit. Just seeing the power is a wonder as to where did it all come from and where does it end up. I'm sure you know the answers but that is what I think when I get caught up in the mist of them. XO
11th July 2018

There’s always a spiritual connection to a good waterfall
6th July 2018

Devil's Island
Looks like these pictures and stories make up for the funny rained out days that you've had. Joan back on the bike is surprising:) Be careful girlfriend. Continue to enjoy!! XO
4th July 2018

You should just use the car wash.
From Blog: On Pay Showers!
29th June 2018

What language is that?
29th June 2018

Chippewa I believe
20th June 2018

Love the pictures
You two are having a great experience, The Great Lakes are great. I love the photos. Wish I were there.
8th June 2018

Thank Goodness!
Happy that the shoulder is back in place. That's one experience we can do without. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
8th June 2018

Thanks, Randy
She seems to be doing pretty well.
6th June 2018

Joan, I am so sorry! I hope your pain level remains more towards one! Ketamine is a commonly used drug in my world, but it also is street named Special K. Date rape drug.
1st June 2018

Global Warming
It's been reaching well into the 90's in Oklahoma.
1st June 2018

Global Warming?
Our esteemed and highly intelligent President tells us that global warming is a hoax...
28th May 2018

Wright Brothers
Is the biography "The Wright Brothers" by David McCullough? If not you should read that one as well!
28th May 2018

Different Bio
Park rangers recommended The Bishops Boys by Tom Crouch. I think yours was also available but how many can I read on one subject?
24th May 2018

Close Call!
Glad you're safe.
10th May 2018

The jok
Mike, that was one of mom's favorite jokes to tell about the mushrooms. Almost word for word!
10th May 2018

I believe it
I kind of felt like I had heard it before
6th May 2018

Recommended book
I can't wait for your Chicago posts. I have always wanted to go there. I should have told you about this book earlier, but maybe I have or you have already read it. It is called Devil in the White City. Nonfiction about the Chicago World Fair and the exhibition buildings that were built there. Oh, and the serial killer who took advantage of young women coming to work at the fair! It's a great book and has historical value about Chicago. Super well written!
6th May 2018

I love the duck boat ride. That looks and sounds so fun!

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