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North America » United States » Florida » Everglades August 15th 2017

Mardi quinze Août, on charge nos bagages dans la voiture, et vers dix heures, on part de Fort Myers Beach en direction les Everglades. On va descendre le long de la cote jusqu'à Naples, puis ensuite, on empruntera la Tamiami trail, cette longue route qui traverse les Everglades et permet de rejoindre Miami et la côte Est de la Floride. La route jusqu'à Naples est très chargée, et il y a beaucoup de feux tricolores. Du coup, on met presque une heure pour faire les quarante kilomètres qui nous séparent de Naples. C'est une ville très résidentielle, qui est la sixième ville la plus riche des Etats-Unis en revenu par habitant. De chaque côté de la rue qui longe la plage on voit des maisons immenses. On commence à être habitués à voir ce type de ... read more
Storter Roadside park
Storter Roadside park
Storter Roadside park

North America » United States » Florida » Everglades March 30th 2017

Collier Seminole State Park, Naples, Florida It was a Down Day. Slept in a couple of hours. Got up, walked and fed the dogs, made coffee, wrote yesterday's blog. Caught up on the New York Times, Facebook, and email. Made a bacon and eggs breakfast and ate it outside. Girls got chased inside by a raccoon exploring the campground. Gathered up the laundry and located the laundry facility. Machines were in use. Located another laundry facility and loaded dirty clothes. Had quarters ready but there was no slot for coins - machines only took cards. Credit card blocked, used debit card. Took a long walk to the Ranger station while laundry washing. Saw a dredging machine they used to clear out the swamp for the Tamiami highway. Checked with the ranger station to see if the ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Everglades March 29th 2017

Collier Seminole State Park, Naples, Florida Joan and I are both getting a little tired of the long drives. Fortunately, we have just about reached our furthest destination after putting in another180 miles yesterday going south out of St. Pete on Interstate 75 and skirting around some of the bigger cities on the Gulf coast of the Florida Peninsula, like Sarasota and Fort Myers. We stopped for a good lunch at the coastal town of Punta Gorda. Ate a sidewalk table, with the dogs, at a place called Jack's on Marion. I had a delicious roast beef sandwich, Joan ate the grouper P'o Boy. Meals were good, but maybe not great. But it was a fairly easy to get there and there was a good place to park the rig across the street. After getting back ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Everglades November 19th 2016

Shortly after our return from the Panama Canal cruise we flew out to the Midwest for a family/high school reunion. We happened to arrive in South Dakota along with the first chill of winter. It was dark, cold, windy and rainy when we arrived in Sioux Falls. But when getting together with seven siblings, there is enough warmth and love to make up for any bad weather. I was the only one from my class of '63 at the Cathedral High School reunion but fortunately I knew many of the people from my sisters’ classes and so it was a fun party. Two of my sisters, Roberta and Judy were cheerleaders and they found their original cheer sweaters and wore them to one of the get-togethers. Everyone loved it. After a weekend of family lunches, dinners, ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Everglades June 8th 2015

We did an airboat ride and got to touch a few animals.... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Everglades May 20th 2015

During the air race, Tamra and I will be flying every other leg. Prior to the actual race, we are flying toget her in order to feel comfortable racing as a team! While at Immokolee, Florida the other day, we met the amazing group of fire fighters that are working to contain and destroy the Cypress fire. Their machinery is incredible ( please see photo) Tamra and I just want to say thank you to the crew for saving our Everglades!... read more
Fire fighting image

North America » United States » Florida » Everglades July 17th 2014

Monday 14th July 2014 The Everglades National Park was the planned destination for the next two days and Victor once again volunteered to drive. All we took with us was a change of clothes and our bathers, plus cameras, esky, laptop, shoes etc, and the Toyota Highlander (Kluger) was full. The 120 kms flew by we reaching the town of Naples where we booked into the La Quinta hotel. They wouldn't honour the coupons we had for a reduced rate, saying they were out of date but would discount it to within 90 cents using Rags' RAC card. Rather pedantic but we were glad we remembered to take our card with us. Reciprocal benefits with the AA exist and we knew this from previous visits. Lovely clean, large rooms. Off we went further south to the ... read more
Cooter Turtle

North America » United States » Florida » Everglades September 18th 2013

Up at 6-30am on holiday should not be allowed but when you need to meet up with a tour guide about 15 miles away, it has to be done. Having booked a cab with a very confused controller the night before it was touch and go whether they'd actually turn up, and when they rang from in front of the RV to say they had arrived and then reversed out of the RV park when I said we'd be right out, it looked like it was a tough day. Apparently my accent sounded like I said they were in the wrong place??? Based on a lot of research and particular recommendations from Tripadvisor we had booked a day out with Everglades Excursions in Naples which started at 8-15 in their office in the centre of Naples ... read more
Our partner boat puts it's foot down
Our first alligator of the day
Raccoons come down from the trees

North America » United States » Florida » Everglades June 5th 2012

Today we go to the Everglades. I booked the tour with the hotel concierge when we first arrived at the hotel. We are due to be picked up from the hotel reception at 09:45. We are picked up a little late and taken to downtown Miami, and loaded onto a smaller coach that will take us to the Everglades. It takes about 45 minutes in the coach and we arrive at Gator Land. We are given a tour number and have to wait around for about 30 minutes before our number is called and we board the air boats, these are the boats with ahuge fan at the back that propel us through the swamps. Some of the time we need to wear ear plugs as the boats tend to be rather NOISY. The ride takes ... read more
The Gator show
On the Beach

North America » United States » Florida » Everglades March 13th 2012

Everglade Safari - Monday – March 12th Wow! What a fantastic day we had today!! We recommend this tour to anyone with a day to spend in Ft Lauderdale. The morning started early because we needed to be at a pickup point about 15 miles from here, by 7:30 in the morning. Fortunately, the hotel breakfast begins at 6:30, so we got up and had a quick meal before going to the pickup. It was still dark as we pulled up (daylight savings time costs you sunlight in the morning) and parked in the lot of a botanical garden (called Flamingo Gardens). David called the company and was told that the bus would be there about 7:45, and it pulled in right at that time. We had to move the car ... read more
Baby Gators
2 Gators
2 More Gators

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