2012 Yellowstone Trip - Day 2

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September 16th 2012
Published: September 16th 2012
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Clayton Lake State Park 1Clayton Lake State Park 1Clayton Lake State Park 1

Looking out over the area with Dinosaur tracks
Day 2 - Sunday Aug 19th, 2012

We got up at 6:30 A.M. MST since we had gone to bed so early. We took showers, got dressed, then had the continental breakfast served by the hotel for breakfast. After breakfast we went back to the room to finished packing, and then I took the suitcases outside to load the car. There was a biker outside about to leave and we started talking. He was real friendly. I have notice when traveling, other travelers are so friendly. I enjoy talking with them finding out where they are going and where they have been.

We left the motel and headed to Clayton Lake State Park to see the dinosaur tracks. It was a nice drive out there. The park charges $5 for day use of the park. There was a campground area and a small lake where people were fishing. We hiked about ½ mile to see the tracks. The trail was a good gravel trail. The dinosaur tracks were found when the spillway at the state park was being built. The tracks were very visible. You could definitely see they were dinosaur tracks.

We left the state park and
Clayton Lake State Park 2Clayton Lake State Park 2Clayton Lake State Park 2

Closer look at all the dinosaur tracks
headed to Raton New Mexico and then up to Trinidad Colorado. We had seen signs for free trolley tours of Trinidad. We stopped at the Colorado welcome center in Trinidad and asked about the trolley tours. We timed it just right because the trolley pulled up outside the center just as we were asking about it. The tour was about an hour long. The trolley just toured the historical part of downtown. The brick streets were built by Germans and most of the buildings were built by Germans.

After the trolley ride we stopped at Sonic for a quick bit to eat and then head up I-25 to Manitou Springs. We arrived about 3:30 and checked unto Eagle Mountain Motel. Mama always wants to stay at this motel. Pikes Peak can be seen from the motel parking lot and she stayed there with friends when she was about 20. Even though the motel is older, it has been kept up very well. We drove downtown Manitou Springs and it was very crowded. The Pikes Peak marathon was held that day. The winner ran up Pikes Peak and back down in 3 hours 40 minutes and 26 seconds.

Clayton Lake State Park 3Clayton Lake State Park 3Clayton Lake State Park 3

Closer look at the dinosaur tracks
didn’t go into any of the shops downtown. There was no place to park because of the crowds and when we were there 2 years ago we went into every store there. We went to Cracker Barrel for supper, and then drove thru Garden of the Gods. After we left Garden of the Gods we drove back downtown Manitou Springs and found where we would need to park in the morning when we rode the cog train. We then headed back to the motel and took our showers so we could get up early in the morning.

The brake light on the rental car was still coming on and going off. I had also noticed when driving down a steep incline and I applied the brakes they would make a noise.

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Clayton Lake State Park 4Clayton Lake State Park 4
Clayton Lake State Park 4

One of the dinosaur tracks
Clayton Lake State Park 5Clayton Lake State Park 5
Clayton Lake State Park 5

Trail leading to the dam
Clayton Lake State Park 6Clayton Lake State Park 6
Clayton Lake State Park 6

On the trail going over the dam walking out to the spillway where the dinosour tracks were found.
Clayton Lake State Park 7Clayton Lake State Park 7
Clayton Lake State Park 7

Mama on broadwalk which goes around the dinosaur tracks.
Clayton Lake State Park 8Clayton Lake State Park 8
Clayton Lake State Park 8

Layers of earth they dug down thru before finding the tracks.
Clayton Lake State Park 9Clayton Lake State Park 9
Clayton Lake State Park 9

Information on dinosaur tracks.
Trinidad CO 10Trinidad CO 10
Trinidad CO 10

Downtown Trinidad
Trinidad CO 11Trinidad CO 11
Trinidad CO 11

Stone Manison Bed & Breakfast. Built in 1904. The inside is larger than it looks. There was a bowling alley in the basement when it was built. Owners have 11 cats in the house. Trolley driver did not recommend staying there.
Manitou Springs 12Manitou Springs 12
Manitou Springs 12

Kissing camels at Garden of the Gods.
Manitou Springs 13Manitou Springs 13
Manitou Springs 13

In Garden of the Gods park.
Manitou Springs 14Manitou Springs 14
Manitou Springs 14

In Gardon of the Gods park.

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