Feelin Hot Hot Hot

Published: June 25th 2012
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It is 106 degrees today.

I know this is a radnom way to start the day, but Jon took me to Ikea this morning. (there was a reason).

I had been saying how depressed I was about the space you get in the UK for the extortionate money landlords charge, so Jon took me to see these showhomes in Ikea. Onbe of them was 590 sq feet - a shoebox and yet, they had split the space into 5 separate rooms - each of them quite spacious. The showhomes were designed to show how using vertical space and partitions can make even a tiny space look bigger than it is. I was amazed at this and it has got me thinking about buying a studfio flat in the UK and working this magic into it...

We then went to the puppy store. I played with an 8 month old Pomeranian shi tzy cross. It was the cutest, most mellow thing ever. I am in love (again). Even Jon agrees about this breed.

Next stop was the Denver Botsnical Gardens, which were downtown. It costs $12.50 to get in, but they are worth it. It was really hard to walk round them in the heat, but the gardens were split into areas (Japanese Garden, Rose Garden, Lilac plantation...) and each area was stunning. It was a photographers paradise for Jon.

On the way back from the Gardens, I received a call from Zoe to say that my Uncle had died earlier today, which was really sad. Knowing that I could not do anything from here, Jon and I raised a glass to Martyn in a bar and I talked about the last time I had seen him.

The rest of the day was sombre, but I know that Martyn would want me to enjoy my last week out here, so I put a smile on my face and Jon arranged for us to go to the cinema, to take my mind off it. We went back to the Elvis cinema ($3) and saw Cabin in the Woods, which is perhaps the weirdest film ever.


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