Published: June 27th 2012
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Jon went to a charity 5k run to take pictures at 8am. Ali, (from last night) had organised it and Jon had agreed to get before and after shots. I was going to go but really wanted to try and get hold of my mum to pass on my sympathies.

When Jon got back, we got our stuff together and headed to GB Fish & Chips, to get our seats for England v Italy. Six beers didnt make the pain of losing any easier, but Jon did strike up a bromance with the owner of the place, which is something, I suppose.

We both fell asleep by the pool after the game - we were both more drunk than we cared to admit and I woke up with a thumping headache.

25th June

I got back on the wagon and did a proper work pout at the gym today, although it is too late, as I have out on over half a stone while being here this time.

There is a heatwave here at the moment and I couldnt stay down by the pool for more than an hour, so did some job hunting and sat in an air conditioned room instead!

I am sad to report that there are now 10 separate fires blazing in Colorado - it is suffering its worst wildfire season in a decade, with more than half a dozen forest fires burning. There is a new fire in Colorado Springs, which has led to the evacuaton of 11,000 people. I really hope the firefighters can get this under control, but with the constant 100 degrees + temperatures, I am not holding out too much hope.

Jon and I have decided to visit all the restaurants I love this week and tonight is the turn of Trattoria Stella, which is a posh Italian place in the Highlands area. I was surprised to find that our meal came to $100, when all I had were three squares of pasta, stuffed with duck and goats cheese. Apparrently our waiter was new and over charged us, but Jon didnt want to make a fuss and get him in trouble with his supervisor. I did! That boy has too much money...

26th June

Today was my last day at ALAC and both my managers are on holiday! So I spent the day going on errands with my new friend, Nancy, making Run the Rocks calls and trying to finish my corporate sponsors spreadsheet.

I met up with the Make A Wish team at Baker Steret Bar after work, which was really nice. I wasnt sure if they'd remember me, but they did and it was really lovely to catch up (and say goodbye!)

I am sitting here feeling rally melancholic about going home. As much as I love everyone there and am really looking forward to seeing them, I am loving the experience of living and working in a different country and meeting new people, with different outlooks on life. I feel like I am only just settling in...


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