Published: April 22nd 2012
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We all seem to be suffering delayed jet lag! We were all sleeping so well for the first week and now keep waking up at 3am...

We headed to Red Rocks today, which is as beautiful as I remember. I will be back there to see The Fray in May.

We then went to Boulder and had a wander down Pearl Street and got a few pressies for all the lovely friends back home who have looked after dad while we have been away.

On the way back to Jon's we stopped off at Park Meadows to see the puppies at The Pedigree is really unfair on the pups and i dont agree with the way they look after them, but it is the only place I know of where you can play with puppies for as long as you want.

We had decided to have a BBQ by the pool at Jon's place, so bought supplies at King Soopers and had a nice munch, until mum bit into a corn on the cob and broke her front three teeth.

I felt so bad for her - we had been planning to go to a cocktail bar, but that put n early end to the evening for mum and we were all rall upset for her.


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