Dinner at Ours!

Published: July 14th 2011
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On 8th July, we invited Linda, Aaron, Erin and Adam to dinner. This was an experiment as dinner parties freak Jon out.

We decided to make burgers, chicken and a vegetarian option of stuffed peppers with Quorn for Linda, who had recently watched a documentary about meat which had put her off.

It was a lovely evening, although people didnt eat enough and we still have leftovers over a week on!

13th July

Today was my last day at work. I worked out that during my 3 months, I have written 28 grant applications worth $70,000 and helped us secure funding for 5 years with 350 schools across Colorado through the Kids For Wish Kids programme with my Prezi.

Everyone was so sweet to me and Jake even bought me a mint choc chip ice cream cake and bunch of white roses which we all had towards the end of the day.

Jon came in to meet people at 3.45pm, I wrote on the wall of wishes and hugged everyone and feel a bit sad but like I have helped accomplish something with my time there.


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