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June 5th 2018
Published: June 5th 2018
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The altitude hasn’t hit!!!!
We have made it to the walmart parking lot...well.....across the street anyway!!! I guess some hobos were over using the parking lot and “ruined it for everyone else.” Quotes of Tim. So we are now across the street at Home Depot. Maria won the place for us to sleep tonight!!!!!
Right when we first left Time aka the Uber hit a bird not even 17 miles into the trip. Just so you all know the bird is not doing too exploded.
After our second stop, once again something with Tim's R.V.
They forgot to close the door all the way. We are all flying down I-80 and had to make a unexpected stop. Because of Mike their door flew open.
At the third stop there was food involved Subway, gas station hotdogs, and also some fruit ... 2/$5. Mike also got a gas station tamale.......he said it wasn't half bad ( He’s a tamale expert).
At this point me and bob switched off and so he went with my little family and I went in the big R.V. (Good times) but I always miss something. This time It was Bob’s doing. As he was opening his Big Red soda pop,

Carlos makeing the best of his time
it exploded everywhere because of the altitude the pressure in the bottle increased and well... it popped!
I also missed a run over Deer on the side of the road . We asked if he was Alive. And he was very tired. 18 times tired! Bahaha! Good times!!!!!!
Finally on our last round of the trip i was once agian in the big R.V. and while
Driving down the interstate we saw a semi truck on fire. It was not a little one either. A big truck and a big fire on the side of the road.......
Now we sleep and see what tomorrow brings!!!!!!

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That’s the nicest McDonalds I have ever seen!!!

Plank is makeing a come back after almost 20 years

5 dollar........5 dollar foot loooooong!!!!

Rihanna looks for her next meal!!!!

I always feel like there’s somebody’s watching meeeee!!!!!

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