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North America » United States » Colorado » Denver August 10th 2022

9th August, 2022 Filled up on breakfast before heading out at approx 8:30. As the day was already warm, we got some ice from the hotel and put some drinks in the little esky we had bought. Topped up the car with fuel and off we went. It was a bright day so it was pretty easy driving. Even though there was mountains all around us, they were way off in the distance so there wasn‘t a lot to see. We did manage to find an abandoned dunny in the middle of nowhere though. We arrived in Laramie, Wyoming just after 10:00. We stopped at the visitor’s centre for a restroom stop and also had a chat with the girls who work there. One of them had been in Australia a few times when she was ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver July 19th 2022

The drive up to Denver from Colorado Springs was not long. About halfway, we passed Castle Rock. The rock formation does resemble a hilltop Moorish stronghold in Spain. The vegetation of the region is similar, too, adding to the effect. Arrival in the Denver metropolitan area was indicated by sighting of RTD light rail trains at Sky Ridge. I was impressed that the light rail service extended so far south from downtown. A couple on the Pikes Peak train had told of visiting the Molly Brown House in Denver. As Susan and I enjoy historic houses, we had decided that would be our primary objective in Denver. The house is in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Margaret "Molly" (Tobin) Brown (1867-1932) is famous as the "Unsinkable Molly Brown" a survivor of the Titanic. Her husband, James Brown, ... read more
Molly Brown House Historical Marker
Main Staircase in the Molly Brown House.
Stained Glass

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver July 15th 2022

The start of a few days getaway in Colorado. Our trip here was prompted by our son’s completion of his Master’s Degree in Music at Colorado State University. As we would be here, Susan and I planned to extend our stay in the state a few days. My only previous trip to Colorado was to Denver in 1982 to attend a conference. Susan had never been to Colorado. Our United flight from Washington Dulles arrived at 10:10 a.m. Denver is a hub for United and the terminal was very busy. You must make your way to the main terminal for ground transportation. The Budget bus picked us up there to take us to our rental car. All of the car rental company lots are located on the airport exit road. I was surprised how empty the ... read more
Denver International Airport
Alexander Model A-14 Eaglerock
In-N-Out Burger

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver March 25th 2022

After flying well over a million miles in my business and leisure travel, I have seen my share of unusual behavior on the plane. Here are some, and I hope it does not gross you out. Probably the worst behavior I have ever experienced first hand was an air marshal sitting in First Class with us. He proceeded to tell the flight attendant and pilot he was an air marshal, showed his ID, and told them he was armed. He started drinking hard liquor as soon as we got airborne. The lovely flight attendant finally had to cut him off after three drinks, since he was drunk, making passes toward her, and barely able to speak. Can you imagine if we really needed him to perform his job on that flight? I am certain he was ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver January 2nd 2022

Not much to blog about here either. The entire day was spent taking back the rental car and changing our flight. For the last 24 hours United kept texting and e-mailing that severe weather was causing flight delays and cancelations. So, we just decided to go to the airport (had to take the car there anyway) and see if we could get a different flight. It was a zoo, lines everywhere, the departure board was flashing red with tons of cancelled flights (covid and weather related) we stood in the customer service line for 90 minutes, but we did get a flight change. Have to spent another night in Denver, but we got a much better flight directly to Boston. We just need to take car service from Logan airport back to Providence. This was basically ... read more
Clock Tower

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver January 1st 2022

This is a very short entry the day was spent driving to Denver, in not great weather. We woke up to about 3 to 4 inches of snow outside of our window. We ate breakfast in the hotel. They were so short staffed, they couldn’t even clean the tables, just sat people in the bar. In reality, they could have cleaned the tables, just were organized enough to do so. After breakfast loaded up the car and headed out. The first part of the trip was not so bad. But by the time we got to Wagon Mound NM, it turned very ugly, snow, blowing snow, cars in the ditch, multiple care pile ups. The average speed was about 40. It stayed pretty bad until Colorado Springs, then cleared up a bit until about 45 miles ... read more
Driving Conditions
Road to Denver
Cold Cows

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver April 1st 2021

You can just imagine that with the vast amount of air travel I have done, that I have seen some really strange behavior. Maybe bizarre would be a better term. Here they are in no particular order. Stinky First Class Yes, I was seated in First Class on a flight to Denver, but I actually had to ask the Flight Attendant if I could move back to Coach. Why? It stunk so bad, I could hardly breathe. Turns out it was the Grateful Dead on their way to a concert at "Mile High" Stadium! The Big Breast Tell me how a woman is breast feeding a 7 year old on an inter island flight in Hawaii! Everybody was both appalled and laughing! The Yogist She just decided to take over the aisle and start her yoga ... read more
Older breast?
The farter

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver February 22nd 2021

The recent United flight from Denver per CNN: The pilots issued a mayday call and, after turning back to the airport, landed the Boeing 777-200 plane safely. Remarkably, there were no reports of injuries either in the air or on the ground. Still, interviews with passengers show the incident provided a huge scare for everyone involved.This has never happened to me, fortunately. But I have experienced several "close" calls. But never have any of mine involved the engine.My first bad experience was on a flight with my kids to Spring Training in Arizona. We were on a Southworst flight from Oakland, and somewhere over the mountains, a Midwest style heat lightning storm came out of nowhere. We got hit, and it sounded and felt like the entire plane would fall ... read more
We were hit by lightning!!
What's a little fog?

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver August 12th 2020

There are many expenses involved when travelling. It is possible to save money if you can be wise when incurring the expenses. For instance, you would like to pay for an air ticket and eat. The choice of hotels where you eat can save you a lot of money. Some travellers choose to eat in places where locals eat, and they end up saving a lot of money in the long run. When in your destination you can decide to use local means of public transport instead of hiring a cab. It will be way much cheaper. Below we are going to reveal to you several ways in which you can save money when travelling: 1. Be flexible when choosing flights There are some days of the week when certain airlines offer big discounts. You can ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver August 17th 2019

Sat: Y’s first flight, first baseball game! After passing Y’s 2 months mark, things got a little easier and we wanted to restart our travels. We picked Denver because neither of us has been there and it would be a short 2-hour flight. Baby steps :). Friday was all about getting ready. This was going to be a different trip and mindset for V and me as new parents. I think I have everything…except! I realized that the 4:30-am bus from Millbrae to SFO doesn’t run on weekends. Oh no! The only other option was 3:55-am bus to make our 6:30 am flight. Aaand, that’s the last one before BART starts running at 6 am. With a 4.5-month-old, Uber/Lyft are out. This led to 2:30 am alarm, ouch. Going through security with the baby in the ... read more
Inside Union Station
The blue bear @ the Convention Center
Biker Jim's dog

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