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August 10th 2006
Published: August 14th 2006
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San Francisco TrolleySan Francisco TrolleySan Francisco Trolley

We rode the Powell and Hyde Street trolley

Day 6 - August 10, 2006

Today we finally hit San Francisco proper. Before we went, we had an impromptu tennis tournament in the little half court at the hotel. It was fun, but the heaat got the better of us, so we left for San Francisco. We first headed to the San Francisco Port where there are a lot of warehouses. There, off Cesar Chavez street, is M5 Industries, the home of the MythBusters. What can I say? The exterior is good cover for the cool stuff that goes on inside.

We parked downtown near Fisherman's Wharf (Pier 39). From the vantage point of the parking gargage, we were able to glimpse a couple of break dancers entertaining a crowd on the street. We stolled down to the edge of the pier to see the sea lions. They were fairly quiet and well-behaved; but as Austin remarked, the video camera could capture the view and the sounds, but not the smell. (Wimp!) We also took some shots of Alcatraz, but the day was a little hazy and our pictures did not turn out very well.

We popped into Ghirardelli for some fudge (isn't fudge the reason we go
M5 Industries a.k.a. MythBustersM5 Industries a.k.a. MythBustersM5 Industries a.k.a. MythBusters

MythBusters on The Discovery Channel is one of our family's favorite programs. This is their workshop.
on vacation?) and a bar of milk chocolate. We then sauntered over to stand in line for the trolley. The wait was pleasant enough, with people to watch and pictures to snap. The weather was sunny, if a bit on the cool side (60s with a brisk breeze).

We were soon on our way, however, with the trolley straining to climb the infamously-steep hills of San Francisco. We passed Lombard Street, probably the "crookedest" street in the world. The most interesting aspects of the ride were when we passed other fully-loaded trolleys on the street and when we descended a steep hill. The guy standing in front of Austin nearly got knocked off by a passing trolley. We had decided to get off in Chinatown, to experience the sights, sounds, and unique smells. However, when the trolley conductor called out "Chinatown" and I asked Scott if this was where he wanted to get off, he wasn't sure. At which an exasperated Krysten replied, "Dad, just decide!" (We were glad to provide the entertainment for the trolley passengers.) After a brisk walk thru the crowded streets of Chinatown, we went to Little Italy and ate supper at Puccini's. The food was pretty good, but be warned they no longer have authentic gelato (that was disappointing). We found another gelato place, and got some there that was much more to our taste.

After retrieving the car from the garage, we drove down Lombard Street. The kids were too tired to appreciate it, but years from now I'm sure they'll do the same for their kids.

Additional photos below
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Pier 39 Sea LionsPier 39 Sea Lions
Pier 39 Sea Lions

From where you are, you can appreciate the sight, but not the smell!
A Trolley's View of the BayA Trolley's View of the Bay
A Trolley's View of the Bay

Looking back down Hyde Street, you can appreciate the hills, plus see part of the Bay
Polka-dot PickupPolka-dot Pickup
Polka-dot Pickup

Austin captured this photo while on the Trolley. San Franciso provides many interesting sights
Lombard Street at NightLombard Street at Night
Lombard Street at Night

The picture is actually in perfect focus - you just feel disoriented due to all of the turns!
Tennis Anyone?  Part 1Tennis Anyone?  Part 1
Tennis Anyone? Part 1

Robert shows off his overhead smash in the first round
Tennis Anyone?  Part 2Tennis Anyone?  Part 2
Tennis Anyone? Part 2

Austin looks to return one hit deep into the corner
Tennis Anyone?  Part 3Tennis Anyone?  Part 3
Tennis Anyone? Part 3

Krysten returns one of Austin's serves during their match

16th August 2006

Hi Guys, Finally got the site address from the Goss' and man are the pictures awesome! And I was really jealous of the Been dieting you know. God's creations are beautiful in your pictures, must be even better in person. And all of the faces seem to be happy so looks like all are having a great time. Thanks for sharing you trip with us! Will stay tuned for the next update! Blessings Deb

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