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November 15th 2007
Published: November 15th 2007
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Car trouble and what to do. Not sure if its a major problem but may as well get it checked out. about an hour South of Redding we started to hear a definitive clincking sound in the ol' Taurus. We tried to ignore but eventually caved, mostly out of the fact it was getting annoying than of any real fear of danger to us. So here we are in glorious Oroville California. The thing about small Califonia towns (from what I've seen so far) is that they are pretty attractive looking for the most part. Oroville is no exception. It is a pristine little town which seems to boast a plethora of outdoor activities ranging from hiking to wine tasting. Naturally, we chose the wine tasting . Gret Fox Vineyards was our stop of choice, and we think we made a good decision. The tour started with an informative tour of the vineyards by a lovely lady who looked strikingly like my aunt Rachel. I can honestly say I had no idea on the whole process. My favorite was the Barbera wines. Light and fruity, with a hint of.....no I'm making this up I can't pretend to understand the "subtle sophisticated" tastes of wine. The whole process seems a bit pretentious if you ask me. Anyways we had a great day pretending to understand the differences of the wine. I must admit when the process was over I was feeling a bit intoxicated. Ahh screw it, I was drunk. Naturally I started craving fast food. After gettingg my fix, it was back to the bottle. Being classy and having just purchased an expensive (for us) bottle of wine, we headed back to the Days Inn Oroville Hotel . We quickly polished off our bottle of Merlot and were eager to head back into the town. Then it happened. Everyone knows not to go to the casino when drunk. Its a fact. You will lose money. Everyone knows a casino is a surefire way to make a road trip end quick. But before we knew it there we were in the Gold Country Casino . Blackjack was our game of choice. We started slow. We caught fire. After about an hour of play we ended up $15. Thank goodness. We spent that $15 on the cab home and called it a night. Hopefully the clinking is gone so we can set sail again.


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