Published: October 6th 2013
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Yes, we did manage to get a glimpse of Yosemite. After hearing conflicting reports of road closures around the park, we decided to drive the 90 miles to find out for ourselves. Apparently, the government cannot close state roads, and there are a couple of state highways that go into the park. We were met at the entrance and were told that the road was for “thru” traffic only, no stopping, etc. Of course, people pulled off and took pictures, and some even left their cars to walk along paths. What we saw was magnificent. After a short drive we were met by another ranger in a car with flashing lights and were instructed to turn back. So although we couldn’t have lunch on the patio of the famous Ahwahnee Lodge and we didn’t get to snap the iconic picture of the half dome, we did get the “sense” of the place.

We’ve had an interesting trip traveling the length of California. The northern mountain ranges gave way to hundreds of miles of olive groves nut trees, grape vines, cotton, and other crops. Lindsay said, “that’s an awful lot of raisins!” The grey skies of Oregon gave way to blue skies, and then brown skies the farther south we went. The extensive aqueduct and canal system is the only thing that keeps the valley from becoming a giant dust bowl. There was a wind advisory in effect which made driving difficult and probably accounted for the brown haze that was very much in evidence.

Yesterday, Lindsay negotiated another mountain range which brought us up and over to the desert. We are here today in a lovely RV resort in Palm Desert and plan a day of R&R. Yesterday was a long day – beautiful scenery, but high winds, road construction, and lots of traffic call for a non travel day of doing nothing - - maybe a dip in the pool.

Because of the National Park closures, we have had many changes of plan. Tomorrow we are going to Tucson and plan to stay the better park of the week and go “cowboy”.

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6th October 2013
Ansel Adams, Eat Your Heart Out

Great photos!
Glad you were able to see at least some of it. Looks fantastic! We're very jealous... not much sceneray like that in Eastern VA.
6th October 2013

Happiness fills my heart/ YES!!!
Soooo glad the adventure continues and you were able to at least get in to Yosemite and the good glimpses you saw made it even more precious. You just have to see things like that to hardly believe...so awesome. So thrilled you are making the most of it and will glean all you can to still make this a good trip for you. So, thank the Lord, we are off and going and looking to see what more adventure can be found. I think you could probably see the Redwoods the same way as there are stands other than the actual national park I believe. Anyway...looking forward to see what next. Daddy's Meals on Wheels lady and her husband climbed half dome and back down all in one day, In their forties and well trained. Awesome and terrifying (in places) climb. Can you just imagine. Hope you are taking millions of pictures. Love...EM & P
7th October 2013

Sorry you didn't get time in Yosemite and the other parks in Central California. They are beautiful and awe inspiring. That's your Congress at work or in this case not at work. Have fun in Tucson and go to the area south and east of it to see great scenes and towns like Tombstone, Sierra Vista, Bisbee, Nogales etc. It is a pretty and historical region. Have fun and enjoy despite those idiots in Congress. Tom and Sandy

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