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19th October 2013

Back Home Again.....?????
My soon??? I am not ready to come back home yet. Guess I will hop off here in La. and see what else I can find. :)) I just realized it is Saturday right now and too late to hop off. Wonder if you are here yet. Wish we had a better day to welcome you back rather than this dreary cooler weather. What a trip and so sorry about the second half. Maybe you can back track the last half and visit the parks one day in the future. It does not appear that you went deep into the Cajun Country so sure you left all gators behind as well as any Cajun swamp people. What a trip!!! Thanks a million for taking us along. Trust you have been blessed with safely all the way in. EM & P It has been fun!!!
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15th October 2013

Ugh, tough break!
Oh boy... Sorry to hear that you ran into more fallout from the gov't shutdown. Sounds like you're still having a nice trip though. - Ken
15th October 2013

Do Declare!!!
This is hard to take. San Jose looks like a place I could stay and visit for a long time and just so sorry you have had to miss this as well. :(( Oh well..just move on and try and not let it get to you. Cajun country will be something else from what I have heard and the people are a bit different and not trusting. Wonder what the restaurants will serve. It will be interesting for sure. Leave the alligators there and hope you will be able to see all you want to see without any barricades. We can't wait to be there with you and hear all it with pictures. Enjoy! EM & P
14th October 2013

Looks like a really fun and pleasant day....
Philip and I enjoyed all these pictures and the duck as well. Great enchanting atmosphere there at the river. That was a blessing indeed to have the rain stop so early. No fun otherwise. The large cypress looks like a smaller Angel Tree that we have outside of Charleston. Ever seen that? Love trees and all the shapes. Surely you bought one of the Blings. Ha! Y'all look in fine shape and are beginning to think home again before too long I imagine. Great thing is you don't really have to come home. That would be soooo wonderful. :)) We are still with you wondering where the next stop is. EM & P
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14th October 2013

A Great City to visit
Glad you enjoyed San Antonio, TX. I've been there twice on business trips, but I don't think Sandy has ever visited the city. We keep trying to get their so she can see it. One day we'll make it. That river walk is something to enjoy. Glad you got to experience it and the Alamo. Did you go to the market and Old San Antonio? At least the feds didn't close that on you. Is Houston next, if so enjoy it but it is really just a large city. Go out to Galveston and enjoy the sea. Then New Orleans. Have fun. Tom
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11th October 2013

Great Pictures!
Hello you two....Tucson really looks nice and walking tours are great as you can enjoy up close and see things better. How I wish the park system would open back up so you could enjoy some more parks before getting all the way back home again. Maybe it will. The cathedral is so very grand and beautiful. Were you on a tour inside the cathedral I wonder. Were you allowed to see much of the interior. Wonder what is coming up next. Stay safe! EM & P
10th October 2013

Looks Nice
Sounds like you guys are having a good time. Raining buckets here.
10th October 2013

Wolves and bob cats and bears Oh My!!
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7th October 2013

Sorry you didn't get time in Yosemite and the other parks in Central California. They are beautiful and awe inspiring. That's your Congress at work or in this case not at work. Have fun in Tucson and go to the area south and east of it to see great scenes and towns like Tombstone, Sierra Vista, Bisbee, Nogales etc. It is a pretty and historical region. Have fun and enjoy despite those idiots in Congress. Tom and Sandy
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6th October 2013

Happiness fills my heart/ YES!!!
Soooo glad the adventure continues and you were able to at least get in to Yosemite and the good glimpses you saw made it even more precious. You just have to see things like that to hardly awesome. So thrilled you are making the most of it and will glean all you can to still make this a good trip for you. So, thank the Lord, we are off and going and looking to see what more adventure can be found. I think you could probably see the Redwoods the same way as there are stands other than the actual national park I believe. Anyway...looking forward to see what next. Daddy's Meals on Wheels lady and her husband climbed half dome and back down all in one day, In their forties and well trained. Awesome and terrifying (in places) climb. Can you just imagine. Hope you are taking millions of pictures. Love...EM & P
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6th October 2013
Ansel Adams, Eat Your Heart Out

Great photos!
Glad you were able to see at least some of it. Looks fantastic! We're very jealous... not much sceneray like that in Eastern VA.
From Blog: Yosemite
2nd October 2013

Like your blog
It's like we are taking the trip with you. Sorry that squabble in Congress is putting a problem in your visits to National Parks. Larson is an interesting and often overlooked park, to bad you won't be able to visit. All is well here in SC, the weather is great and we are enjoying OLLI. See you when you return. Keep up the info flow. Tom and Sandy
1st October 2013

Is the same place where you took the beautiful pics last time? ie the one you framed for me
1st October 2013

Hurricane in Oregon
WHOA That surely is a wash out. Now all we needed was a pic of you sipping wine!! Well as of today I guess your national parks tour is over...Sorry What is your plan now??
30th September 2013

Oh My!!!
So sorry about the storm. We stopped the news paper except for weekend and then don't always get that looked at. Watch little TV news and are barely caught up with some things like current news on this storm. That would be awful if the G. does shut down and be shut out of the Park system. Did not think of that. You are too far away and too many more parks to check out. No fun in severely bad weather. May it clear soon. Good to hear that you two are safe..warm and cozy.:)) EM
30th September 2013

Great place and looks so interesting!
That is some place your friends have....a true dream!!! So did you head out to the coast from there...the wild and wonderful coast?? Love the way they have preserved the old town. Would be a great place to retire I think. The weather has been dreamy here. Marigold is still with us and we have been pushed into the position of being foster parents. Really too much. Looking forward to seeing more Oregon pictures. EM & P
29th September 2013

Glad you're having a great time! We love seeing your pics and reading the blog. Keep on having fun and drive safe. Love Fi and Ken
24th September 2013
Mt. Rainier with Lodge in forground

Wooooo....Weeeee! Love this last photo with lodge in background.
Also the first picture is the best photo of you two ever! Soooo is Morton WA named after THE Morton family? Are you famous? You used the word eerie! The whole journey there sounds so captivating! Wonderfully written. One morning P. & I drove past the Tetons in fog without the weeest hint of anything bigger than life being right there beside us. Had to believe in faith. I remember thinking..that is like God who is so near. What a grand time you two are having. You both look so well. Wonder where our next stop will be What ever it is I know it will be good. Safe driving ya'll...meantime we hold our breath. E & P
22nd September 2013

Wonderful sight to behold and great pictures. Sure this will be one of the outstanding highlights of your trip. Can't wait to ask all kinds of questions. Hope your campground is close to the rim. We wanted to see Crater Lake but too far from the coast that we were exploring and only had two weeks. Truly spectacular sight!! Apparently you did not linger in Idaho.. Looking forward to where we will be going next. :)) Great trip!!! EM & P
20th September 2013

Great trip and blog
We are enjoying your blog on your trip. Hope the weather and the government keep it great. If those guys and gals in DC can't reach an agreement on the budget and the debit cap, the national parks may be closed for lack of funds. that could be as early as October 1st but more likely some time after that. May affect your trip back home. Keep up the reporting and have a great time. Tom & Sandy
15th September 2013

Looks like beautiful scenery. Love your updates
15th September 2013

Guessed It!!!
Figured you would hit Arches next and so awesome. We went back the next morning to see more. We were a mile away from the famous arch and could have hiked the mile to it but way too hot to attempt. All these formations bigger than life. You are taking grand pictures. The sun so bright my pictures were not good like yours and also did not have a digital. Dazzled by it all. I imagine you will go to dead horse canyon or something like that and one other like green river canyon all close by out the other way. Not far. Just can't imagine the wonder of it all until you are actually there. So glad you are seeing this. Worth every moment in time and the expense. Just have to be there to believe. I took some pictures of the underside of the arches and bet you did too. See ya soon on another blog. :))
15th September 2013
Cliffs and Canyons

Our Favorite
Love the angle of this view and the contrast between the cliffs and canyons. I would love a print out of this one. You could decorate one wall (tastefully) of many of your most memorable travel pictures .
15th September 2013

This area offers so much. For the short time we were in Moab we had decisions to make and ran out of time and did not see this part because of distance and had much to see short distances from where we were. Your pictures are incredible and so exciting. Really impressed and so glad you saw this. Looking forward to seeing your next series of pictures. This is so much fun!!!! Thanks always!!
14th September 2013
Arkansas River

Great pictures!
Looks like you guys are having some great weather & visiting some spectacular places. Hope all is going well.

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