Published: August 3rd 2013
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I am being slightly lazy in that I'm going to combine today and yesterday's blog into one so I hope you can all forgive me for that. Kit has asked me to voice his displeasure at some of the comments I have been making about him, so now I have mentioned that I have another quality comment from Kit. Dad had just said to Fred that he could be the one to introduce Smooth 70s radio to Franklin House when he starts at Canford to which Kit pipes up, no Joe already listens to 80s and 90s music! Once again, Idiot! Now that is out of the way I will proceed with an account of yesterday's activities.

We rose slightly later than anticipated meaning that a hike in the national park would have to be postponed to the following day leaving us with no option but to go to Bass Lake and take a boat out for a few hours. This was great fun and it was nice to be able to take a refreshing plunge into the lake water. In the afternoon we returned to the lodge where Kit, Fred and I did a spot of archery which again was good fun. For dinner we went down the road to a very nice lodge called the Narrow Gauge Inn which served up some fantastic grub with a special mention going to the desserts. There was also a great vintage fire engine on display in the car park which was interesting to see.

I'm currently sitting in the shadow of Vernal Fall in Yosemite National Park as I write this waiting for Mum, Dad, Kit & Fred to catch me up (I may have cheated slightly). This morning Jack and I dropped the rest of the family at Glacier Point where they began their 8 mile hike downhill to Yosemite village, I then drove the car round with Jack and we have walked up to this point (about 1 1/2 miles from the finish) to meet them. On our drive round we encountered a small bear running across the road in front of the car but were unfortunately too slow on the draw with the camera to get a snap of it and by the time I had stopped and parked the car it had disappeared into the undergrowth. The views that we have been greeted with in the National Park are incredible and the photos I have attached will not do it justice but as you aren't out here they will have to do. Tonight is our last night in Yosemite and tomorrow we are driving to San Francisco where we will hand back the hire car as we begin our penultimate stop on this road trip extravaganza. Hope all is well back home.

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3rd August 2013

Trying yet again to leave a message! Superb pictures yet again.What a trip you are having! Enjoy San Francisco & Washington. Love to you all, the Hidcotes xx
6th August 2013

It all looks wonderful and makes us very jealous. Sounds like you are having a great time!
7th August 2013

Your turn next! Have found and excellent hotel in San Francisco in an old chocolate factory (shades of Ant's Hill).

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