Las Vegas Day 3 and Journey to Yosemite

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July 31st 2013
Published: August 1st 2013
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Hello everyone, our last day in Vegas was a fantastic one. In the morning Fred, Kit and I went to the sports exhibition where they have laid out Hall of Fame prizes and shirts from all the different American sports. There were also practical exercises you can do to test yourself against the pros. Kit managed a 6'6" standing jump, half of what the best American Football players can do. We then had some ice hockey drills which Kit beat me at by 1.5 seconds so I'm claiming victory on that as I haven't picked up a hockey stick in years. Then came my chance to tell the Americans that Nascar isn't a proper sport and that F1 is much better as we got the chance to perform a pit stop. Nascar for those who don't know involves lots of cars driving very fast around an oval, not exactly taxing work, but even so they feel that their tyres need to be secured with 5 bolts rather than the 1 in F1. This means their fastest pit stop times are around 12 seconds (we managed 31 seconds) compared to F1's 2.5 seconds, a fact that I delighted in pointing out to the Americans in the Museum.

Whilst I was busy annoying the Yanks, Mum, Dad and Jack went to the Titanic exhibition which was apparently very good. However, when they were telling us about it at lunch they mentioned that there was a very cold room with an iceberg in it as part of the exhibit which prompted Kit to ask if it was the one that sank the Titanic. Idiot.

After an afternoon relaxing by the pool we ventured out again up to the Bellagio to watch Cirque de Soleil's 'O'. This is performed in a specially designed theatre and requires such a complicated stage that the show has never been performed anywhere else over the last 14 years. The show was fantastic, the gymnastics on display were exceptional and sets incredible. The stage floor can go from level to a 17 foot deep pool in about 30 seconds and then can rise back up again in a similar time, people were diving from 20 metres up above the stage landing perfectly between people who were already in the water. If any of you end up in Vegas sometime I would highly recommend getting tickets to see it.

The following morning we packed up and got in the car to start our longest journey of the holiday up to Yosemite where we arrived last night in time for a spot of dinner and a swim. Unfortunately I have no photos for you this time as the the exhibits and 'O' didn't allow you to use cameras so you will have to go to Vegas and see them yourself.


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