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North America » United States » California » Watsonville October 23rd 2013

Earlier this year we started planning a family camping trip to Sunset Beach. This was a trip to include our 3 boys and families. We would take our RV and the others their tents. Jen was the main one to keep us on track for this trip. Kids had planned all of the meals except breakfast Monday a.m. and we were in charge of that. Kids were so helpful. I arrived back at home late Thursday night on the 11:30pm flight. It was so great to be back, but also a little stressful as we needed to leave on Friday after our granddaughter was finished with school. Since I was just on East Coast time it was easy to wake up early. I was so tired on the way home that I couldn’t stay awake at ... read more
On the Beach

North America » United States » California » Watsonville November 19th 2012

ONE EYED CHARLIE Charlie Parkhurst had the reputation of being one of the greatest stage coach drivers in the storied history of early California. Charlie was born in Lebanon, New Hampshire in 1812 and raised in an orphanage there, later working as a stable boy for Ebenezer Balch in Worchester and then in Providence; winding up at the What Cheer Stables behind the Franklin House in Providence. A couple of Charlie’s pals, James E. Birch and Frank Stevens, got caught up in the California Gold Rush, went out and consolidated a few small stage lines into the California Stage Company and invited Charlie to join them as a driver. Soon after arriving Charlie got kicked in the face by a fractious horse and lost an eye. Over the long years One Eyed ... read more

North America » United States » California » Watsonville August 6th 2011

So we left the beautiful Yosemite early with the mission to return the car by 10am; 1/3 of the way there and we realized that there was no way we were going to make it in time; I had a brain wave “let’s call the car company to see if we can bring the car back later”, as we want to extend the contract anyway and sure enough they were fine with it and to think we could have had an extra hour in bed… We stopped along the way at a fruit and vegetable stand and Walmart to buy some supplies and arrived in San Fran at 2pm. After Dim sorted the car and worked his usual negotiation tactics we drove away in an upgraded car at 3pm (all for the same price we got ... read more
Drive back into San Francisco.
Santa Cruz
The beach

I guess the title of this trip should be “ excuse me as I ‘pull over to check my shorts.!” Let me explain. I decided on a whim to go see my niece up in Monterey last weekend. No big deal you say. Yea right. My route took me on I-5 to 33/152/156/101. Pretty straight forward. No problem. Well we all know that our bikes can be prone to problems in high gust of wind. They are not the heaviest things around. Going through the pass by San Luis reservoir has a set of signs warning of high winds.They are not kidding! As you look at the pictures you will see white caps on the lake.! Well, this leads up to me having to check my shorts. I got blasted by a gust of wind ... read more

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