Excuse me while I check my shorts!

Published: June 7th 2011
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I guess the title of this trip should be “ excuse me as I ‘pull over to check my shorts.!” Let me explain. I decided on a whim to go see my niece up in Monterey last weekend. No big deal you say. Yea right. My route took me on I-5 to 33/152/156/101. Pretty straight forward. No problem. Well we all know that our bikes can be prone to problems in high gust of wind. They are not the heaviest things around. Going through the pass by San Luis reservoir has a set of signs warning of high winds.They are not kidding! As you look at the pictures you will see white caps on the lake.!
Well, this leads up to me having to check my shorts. I got blasted by a gust of wind that shoved me off the asphalt onto the gravel. Thankfully I was not going that fast as I was already having trouble with the gust of wind. At least I did not dump it.

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