I am starting this blog to keep track of my travels via motorcycle. My aim is to travel the 49 states and the the west coast of Canada on my motorcycle. I hope to share this adventure with my friends and family

North America » United States » California » Ferndale July 19th 2011

Highway 36 ,Highway 101 and Ferndale I was planning on going up to this little town called Ferndale for awhile and finally did it yesterday. Got a late start. The plan was to go take the I-5 slab to Red Bluff, then take my favorite road, Highway 36 to Eureka.Then drop down from there to Ferndale. One nice thing about having a bike is you can explore a lot of different places when the mood its. The 1-5 is a slab. Boring as all get out. Now highway 36 is a different story. A lot of you already know about the 140 miles of curves. You really can not take your eyes off of it for a minute. The surrounding area is really quite beautiful but keep your eyes glued to the road for the occasional ... read more

I guess the title of this trip should be “ excuse me as I ‘pull over to check my shorts.!” Let me explain. I decided on a whim to go see my niece up in Monterey last weekend. No big deal you say. Yea right. My route took me on I-5 to 33/152/156/101. Pretty straight forward. No problem. Well we all know that our bikes can be prone to problems in high gust of wind. They are not the heaviest things around. Going through the pass by San Luis reservoir has a set of signs warning of high winds.They are not kidding! As you look at the pictures you will see white caps on the lake.! Well, this leads up to me having to check my shorts. I got blasted by a gust of wind ... read more

Just outside of Sutter Creek is a place called Daffodil Hill. From Stockton it is a nice day ride. It is an old farm that the people there have planted 300,000 thousand Daffodils! So it is a real destination place when they are in bloom. I counted 40 plus motorcycles of all shapes and sizes up there. One thing I did find out about was there are quite a few different types of Daffodils collar wise.here is a link if you are interested in seeing the place. One thing I did find out about was there are quite a few different types of Daffodils color wise. http://www.amadorcountychamber.com/Historic/daffodil_hill.html ... read more

North America » United States » California » Patterson March 22nd 2011

This was a short trip I took to Patterson to try out my Go Pro camera. It was mounted to the side of my fairing. This also was my first try at making a video. ... read more

North America » United States » California » Lake Tahoe September 6th 2010

I decided to get out of town to beat the heat. So I headed up to Lake Tahoe for the day. Nice and cool and a very nice ride. Highway 88 is a nice ride. ... read more

North America » United States » California » Fortuna April 19th 2010

Well I have been obsessing about taking this ride for awhile. As you can see from my favorite picture that is the reason why. Thats right boys and girls, count em, 140 miles of nothing bit curves! Only a motorcyclist would be interested in that. So I started out early Saturday morning, dressing warm because I I thought it would be chilly. Man was I ever right. Unfortunately no heated jacket or gloves. O well I just had to suck it up and keep going. It warmed up later. So I headed to Red Bluff via the I-5 Slab. Made good time. I stopped at a diner called Black Bear Diner. As I found out later this is actually a chain. Even so it was excellent! I has chicken fried steak hash browns eggs and ... read more
Starting the day
Rest my poor butt
The fun begins

North America » United States » California » Santa Cruz November 19th 2009

Santa Cruz or which way do I go? This is a short trip report of a ride I took last weekend to Santa cruz. I had different ideas of where wanted to go last Saturday. I have to say my biggest concern was just getting out of Dodge so to speak. I had wanted to go to Solvang but was to lazy to tell you the truth. Also I decided to sleep in Saturday so I did not leave until 10:00 :( So I followed my regular plan of crawling on to the freeway and seeing where I end up. I started going south on I-5.Nothing like no planning. I think maybe Monterey but how about Santa Cruz. So I am going down the rode at a nice clip and then I see a sign ... read more
Board Walk

North America » United States » California November 8th 2009

This is my trip report for my ride to Healdsburg. I went up for to meet my sister for breakfast .Took about three hours to get there. It was a good thing that I layered up for the ride as it was more than a little chilly. I had planned on going to Reno but it was calling for 45-50 degree weather. Maybe some other time. :) The ride was good and I really liked Healdsburg. It is a nice little town, Had breakfast at this bakery that makes all of its breads. It was great. Also for all of you that have a sweet tooth you will need to visits Powells Sweet Shoppe in town. They had things in there I had not seen since I was a kid. And trust me, that was ... read more
And more birds
Down by the bridge

North America » United States » California October 25th 2009

Well, I went up to Cloverdale to have lunch with my sister.The weather was as perfect as it gets and traffic was very little. I left after 7 am to take my time so I could get some good pictures and do some exploring along the way. I went through St Helena early and there was not much traffic but coming back that way it was buried. If you get a chance and you want a great burger stop off at Taylors Refresher drive in St Helena . It was empty around 10 or so but it was all filled up around 2. Had a good breakfast slash lunch at the Owl Cafe in Cloverdale. Wanted to get some pictures of some hot air balloons around St Helena but they did not come out well. ... read more
Early start
Out by the islands

North America » United States » California October 11th 2009

OK OK. I know what what your thinking. Who in there right mind would travel that far for a bowl of soup Well I wanted to go for a long ride this weekend but I had a lot of things to do so that was out. So did a little compromise. I had wanted to go to Reno and take the scenic route. Maybe in a week or two. So I settled on going to Santa Nella to Andersons. It was only an hour and change and it got me out of town and on the road for a little while. :) It was pretty windy near Santa Nella and making me wish I had a heavier bike. Very unsettling would be putting it mildly. As always I-5 you make good time but very boring, ... read more
Ready to start off
Lots of farms land
Road not taken

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