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North America » United States » California » Vallejo September 17th 2015

Leaving the bubble of Japan, where illiteracy and almost non existent Japanese renders the world a warm, unfathomable soft haze of obscurity, is shocking. Every word in print and voice is like an assault, too much information about absolutely everything. It takes almost a week to tune out every casual conversation at the next table, and skip over all but the bold print. Returning to San Francisco after 11 years is delightful, so much is familiar, yet of course places change. Dear welcoming brothers brothers Andy and Johnny have a new home (of 7 years), a comfortable, lived in, sprawling house packed with Johnny's pottery, souvenirs from Oz, mementos from relatives gone, and one of my mothers paintings on the wall. We estimate that our guest suite filled with vases of flowers, is bigger than our ... read more
Cooking up a storm
SF brothers
at Vallejo Farmers Market

North America » United States » California » Vallejo April 1st 2012

We awoke to rain and forecasts of thunderstorms which stopped our cablecar and bike ride plans. We headed over Golden Gate bridge via beautiful Sausalito to the Bay Model which is an actual model of the Bay area filling a space equivalent of two football fields inside a large shed run by the Army Corps. After a wee while there we headed for Napa and a factory outlets but nobody could be bothered going round NY designer clothes store so made an unscheduled call into Six Flags Discovery Kingdom which is a Theme Park, Zoo and Sea World centre all in one. Beacuse of the rain there were more employees than visitors and the park was to shut early two hours after we arrived. We had bought Season Passes online and needed to be photographed for ... read more
family on twin peaks

North America » United States » California » Vallejo December 21st 2009

California parks are really expensive! And going for the least expensive ones has proven to be a, uh, how can I say this... a good reason to pack a gun after dark? I suppose my first clue should have been Chris's reaction when I told him we were in Vallejo. "VALLEJO?!?! You're in VALLEJO?!?!?" When we went to dinner, I hoped that in that short 1/2 block walk to the restaurant, Allie would turn into a crazed guard dog and the truck would still be there when we got back. I walked her around the neighborhood today and saw a guy who looked like a pimp straight out of a 70's cop series including the broad brimmed hat the same mustard brown color as his bell bottomed liesure suit with large pointy lapels. I am SO ... read more

North America » United States » California » Vallejo August 6th 2007

Here is an introduction to our team. Unfortunately I have to re-create this due to server problems on We have been preparing for the last 5 months to build a church in Huaquillas, Ecuador. Tomorrow we start our journey. Thank you to Maranatha Volunteers International ( that has allowed us to participate in this project representing Maranatha and our church. On their website you can learn about the projects they have going around the world.... read more
Ed Belton
Loretta Belton
Pam Ditto

North America » United States » California » Vallejo August 6th 2007

The bell choir alumni said let's go for it. So they have been madly practicing to prepare to bring the bells to Ecuador. The bells have been carefully packed to survive the journey.... read more

North America » United States » California » Vallejo August 6th 2007

In a few days we will be in Ecuador. Who are we? We are members and friends of Vallejo Central Seventh Day Adventist Church. A group of us are going there to help with the building of a church. So stay tuned for progress reports and pictures of the construction team and site. Our group will also sponsor VBS (Vacation Bible School). I will be one of the persons leading the craft class for VBS. I am very excited about that and of course very nervous. However I know as long as Christ is in it all will be well. And I know He will be because we will also have a Spiritual Team with us. As I said above, stay tuned. There will be lots of news coming out of Ecuador in the next few ... read more

North America » United States » California » Vallejo July 9th 2007

Introduction North America » United States » California » Vallejo By Vallejo CentralJuly 9th 2007We would like to introduce you to our amazing team. We have finalized all of the members of the team who will be attending. Here's a chance to get to know a little about your fellow teammates. The planning effort is going well. The VBS team is especially starting to put a lot of effort into the program planning. Please continue to post your pictures and a few words about yourself here.... read more

North America » United States » California » Vallejo January 6th 2007

There's a great story in the January edition of National Geographic magazine about the unusual collection of treasures in the Ljubljanica. Feature writer Carol Kaufmann reports on the incredible selection of weapons submerged in the shallow river by Celts, Romans and pre-historic settlers over thousands of years. It is a fascinating story. As we prepare for a trip to Slovenia this year I'm definitely putting the National Museum of Slovenia in Ljubljana on our itinerary! The collection there includes thousands of these recovered artifacts -- thousands more remain in the river, protected by the Slovenian Ministry of Culture. Kevin ... read more

North America » United States » California » Vallejo January 3rd 2007

Ready, set... I'm not sure if you can call it the perfect Christmas gift but it definitely scores high on the list in our house. I've given my wife a two-week trip to Slovenia. We aren't sure if we'll go in the spring or in the fall but either way, we have plenty of time to plan and anticipate. We're in the information gathering stage now so I'll be grateful for any tips or comments. We've traveled lots -- all over the world -- but for some reason, we're looking forward to this trip like no other! Can't wait! Kevin... read more

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