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December 21st 2009
Published: December 21st 2009
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California parks are really expensive! And going for the least expensive ones has proven to be a, uh, how can I say this... a good reason to pack a gun after dark? I suppose my first clue should have been Chris's reaction when I told him we were in Vallejo. "VALLEJO?!?! You're in VALLEJO?!?!?" When we went to dinner, I hoped that in that short 1/2 block walk to the restaurant, Allie would turn into a crazed guard dog and the truck would still be there when we got back. I walked her around the neighborhood today and saw a guy who looked like a pimp straight out of a 70's cop series including the broad brimmed hat the same mustard brown color as his bell bottomed liesure suit with large pointy lapels. I am SO serious. And trying new churches is going to be quite an adventure. I thought for sure that the eveangelical, extremely passionate for Jesus preacher was going to hyperventalate right there at the pulpit with his deep in out breaths after every 3-4 words. A great message, but the antics unfortunatley took away from it. At any rate, we are definitely close to San Francisco which offers some consolation, but we are still not going out after dark. The weather hasn't been what we had hoped. We've had a little sun and it got up into the low 60's, but most of the time it's been cloudy in the 50's and even windy and rainy. We're hoping that the weather forecasters here are better than the ones up north. They have predicted mostly sunny on Tuesday which is when we plan to head for down town. We've pretty much planned the day. The internet is great for planning and figuring out routes and sights that we really want to hit! oh, and we picked up a Garmin that has been a wonderful tool for anyone who does any traveling. She doesn't yell or swear or ask "why the heck did you turn there?!" And even when you do take the wrong turns, she just recalculates and gets you back on track - she's great! Anyway, we will be heading out of here probably Thursday for more southern regions and hopefully better weather (our time here at this lovely park is up on Thursday, and we just can bring ourselves to stay any longer). We are thinking Bakersfield as the next stop, but that could change 3 times before we leave...


22nd December 2009

I would be packin' a weapon in CA too
Rich and I were in Mazatlan, Mexico for a week last month. We didn't see any drug activity or violence there. We did walk a mile along the beach but on a sidewalk at night and didn't have any problems. But we sure wouldn't be doing that along any US border towns. Being a Corrections Officer makes me a lot more aware of my surroundings than I already was. Inmates are very inventive! And yes, I do love my job! You two take care on your travels and Merry Christmas!!!
22nd December 2009

Bahahahahahaha you are actually staying there until Thursday??! It is sad to say you aren't going out after dark. How fun to see different things you are not used to!
22nd December 2009

Listen carefully when she recalculates, she may be more annoyed than you think. You will figure it out when she will inevitably send you on a route that may not be the best for you rig. I signed up.

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