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Published: August 21st 2013
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Day 9

Alas... Last full day.

Breakfasted at farm:table. I like it there, simple, healthy food and good coffee at a communal table.

From here walked to California St and took the cable car down to the Embarcadero then the F street car along to Pier 39 to buy a ticket across to Tiburon. The F street car was absolutely packed but it seemed that everyone was in a good mood. The driver was hilarious, making some jokes and interacting with the passengers. Pretty clever guy, he spoke about 5 languages and had lived in Holland for several years. Got off at Pier 39 and bought my ticket for the 1205 ferry, $22 return ticket.

The trip across the bay was fantastic; sunny, really windy and very smooth. The Louis Vuitton Cup heats were running (prelude to Americas Cup) and both the New Zealand boats and USA boats were out on the water- very spectacular. I actually felt a strong affiliation for the Kiwis- our neighbours across the ditch. The views of Alcatraz were awesome, as were the views of the GGB. Braved the entire journey on deck- would be such a shame not to witness the spectacle of the bay for the sake of a bit of wind.

Tiburon is a small historic town in Marin County that was once a train depot/lumber yard in the gold rush years. A lot of the old buildings have been preserved on Main St and along the Ark Row precinct on the waterfront. I took a walk along the front to see the SS China restoration but it was closed -no big deal- interesting walk and they have sign boards talking about the historical aspects of the area. Some very cool houses! I then decided to go inland and try to get to the top of the hill behind the yacht club. This was very enjoyable, firstly because there were lots of steps and steep inclines involved and I was really needing some decent exercise and secondly, because the houses themselves were pretty interesting. No idea on real estate values but I suspect there was some very serious money being spent. All the time I was walking (about 90 minutes) I only saw one other person (workman) and 2 cars. Some nice vegetation, birds and amazing views from the top. This walk wouldn't be that interesting to most people I guess but I enjoy checking out the real estate.

Landing back in town I took a walk along the the waterfront park area on the other side of the ferry docks and ended up at Sam's Anchor Cafe (1920's) for a pretty late lunch. The deck seating was packed but in full sun, I sat inside but with still great views of the boats and SF off in the distance. I can vouch for their crab cakes but the peanut butter pie afterwards is still looming large in my mind!! Lachy was out at Google for the day and evening so I was in no hurry so sat for a while.

Caught the ferry back to SF and got talking with a woman from NYC, she had been in town visiting her son for the past week who is also in tech. It was a nice meeting, we had a lot of parallels in our lives. As a result of this chance meeting I ended up at a photographic exhibition that she had recommended- Rodney Lough Jr on Jefferson St. WOW. Amazing shots. Actually spent nearly an hour there. Amazing landscape shots. As a
NZ Boat NZ Boat NZ Boat

Louis Vuitton Cup
result of this experience I now think Oregon is next on the list of places to go and see in the USA, as is Fish Lake NP, Utah.

Spent the rest of the now late afternoon/early evening in the Pier 39 region looking at the sea lions and just having a wander. Also checked out the Boudin Bakery exhibit and the observation windows here. Pretty interesting. Looottttsss of people, lots of 1/2 eaten bread bowls! Hopped back on the F line trolley with lots of baseball fans (so wish I had gone to a game) and then the California Line back to the apartment.

Day 10

D day, breakfasted with Lachy and said our goodbyes. Great to see him and spend some time. Saying goodbye sucks.

Back to the apartment to pack up. However! One final stop at a place that I had read a bit about- Hookers Sweet Treats. Had my last cup of SF coffee and one of their salted caramels with dark chocolate. Great spot- really nice staff. Glad I didn't get there any earlier in the trip- I'd have bought them out of stock.

American BoatsAmerican BoatsAmerican Boats

Louis Vuitton Cup
met me just about as the shuttle arrived (bang on time) and I gave her, her apartment back. Got to the airport. Got on a plane.....


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