Day 3b: Embarcadero to Fisherman's Wharf and Jays Round 2

Published: August 1st 2018
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The nice thing about coming back to cities I've already been to is that I feel zero pressure to actively do everything - I've been here two other times, so I was decidedly lazy today in my approach lol. I spent most of my day people and sea lion watching along Embarcadero (all the piers). I started off at the Ferry Building - for some reason I had remembered it as more of a proper market... but there were fruit/veggie stands out front and then proper stores/stalls inside. I then just took my time wandering along the Embarcadero/coast for a good chunk of the day. I also realized I will not be using their water fountains any time soon because literally every single one I saw had pigeons sitting them. Ew.

Pier 39 is like the ultimate tourist zone, but it also gives you the best view of the sea lions - there aren't quite as many yet since it's still summer, but you still got a good (and vocal!!) collection. I spent a good chunk of time there watching them - yawn, scream at each other (one in particular didn't like sharing his pallet), sunbathe in all its glory, scratch all the itches, but mostly sleep haha. There were also a few babies that were ADORABLE. Like giant sea puppies.

From there I made my way down to Fisherman's Wharf because why not and then headed back to the hostel to grab my sweaters (yep, plural) and off I went to the game! Game itself was no better than yesterday... it seemed to go on for FOREVER because our pitching and defense were not ideal. (Spoiler: we lost again! lol) I was better prepared for the cold today, but my feet were still freezing. I can't imagine what this stadium is like in April, geez. It's way warmer as soon as you step outside after too - it really must be a wind effect. I had good seats again, right near the bullpen. The guys were funny - they all had massive coats on and a lot of them kept going back into the dugout. Biagini was his usual self - when he walked by the sections around me were cheering (since it was mostly Jays' fans) and he kept blowing kisses and going like 'oh you/oh stop' haha.

On the train back after the game I get on and of course the car I chose was totally destroyed haha - someone had ripped all the cushions off half the seats. A few teens got on at the same time as me, nodded, and simply said "that's Oakland for you" lol.

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