Day 4b: Another day, another Jays loss lol

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August 2nd 2018
Published: August 2nd 2018
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(Short and sweet today!)

Well, here we go again... I told you, I'll be happy with a 1-5 road trip, but I'm growing doubtful of even that. (Never mind that we don't even have a starter listed for tomorrow, ahem)

Anyway, today was pretty much just baseball and relaxing. (Hence only baseball photos) Spent the morning chatting with one of my roomies - she's a teacher from Australia, so we chatted about the similarities and differences. It's her first full year gig this upcoming term, so she's really excited/has like nothing ready so good luck to her. She's tagging along with me to the airport tomorrow (she's flying to LA for a few days before going home).

It was a day game today, which was welcome in terms of weather... it was a positively toasty 20 degrees compared to the last two nights. I could actually just wear my jersey/tshirt and not freeze huddled up in a ball. And the game itself? We lost again lol. Shocker. But at least it was warm enough that I could enjoy a beer this game.

We had a really sweet usher today, he was chatting with us (there was a clump of about 15 Jays fans, and we were all within a few rows of each other) and telling us about the area, about yes how frickin' cold it gets and explaining why that was (something to do with the mountains). I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the staff at the Coliseum (other than the fact they super enforce seating) - they've all been friendly and helpful. And the fans have been good too - all friendly banter, nothing malicious/vicious. It's always interesting to see reactions when the Jays fans invade - in Phoenix they were indifferent, here they were annoyed but friendly in their annoyance, in Baltimore it ran the gamut of friendly annoyance to yelling obscenities lol. It'll be fun in Seattle - see, their fans I actually feel bad for because we really take over the place for those games.

One curious thing here was their security... I'm curious to see what it's like in Seattle because let's just say they are WAY more thorough here than back home... it turned into a whole ordeal having my Herschel backpack - I had to open each and every pouch, take things out in each pouch so they could always see the bottom of each pouch, etc.

I'm back at the hostel now - I was going to go see a movie, but decided to just relax here instead.

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2nd August 2018

Poor Ol' Jays
Hi Julie, Been following your blog since part 1 of your summer and ran into your mom on Saturday so we had a good chat. Hope you get to see 2-5. We are going to the game next Friday with Matt and Justin. None of our shirts/jerseys are playing or with the Jays any longer. Oh well. I hope my man - Pillar - is back soon. Justin's road trip this year (besides Cleveland) is to Miami on the Labour Day week-end. Have fun in Seattle with all those fans.
3rd August 2018

Hi Joan! Well, we got a win last night - I'll take it! haha. It was sad seeing the jerseys at the game yesterday - I think I saw one "Smoak" and every other jersey was someone injured or gone. It was an amazing atmosphere though. I think they were saying Pillar might get back in during this series - fingers crossed. That sounds like a good time for Justin - hope he enjoys that and that you guys all enjoy the game next week!

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