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Although I had thought of buying the one day transport pass to economically take at least one regulation cable car ride did not even manage that. Confined to the room with the need to book myself into some hotels in Dallas. Due to the labrynthine hotel bookings available via various providers this is a bit of a jungle and you almost have to look at 3 or 4 providers. I have previously used as you only give your card details as a deposit guarantee against no shows. Anyway enuf frittering on details – this has gotta be seriously speeded up as it is now 31 Jan and I am in Fort Worth. I think now some Quick text and more pix – which some (ahem) might prefer. Decided as I had the BART ticket, and ... read more
Deerhoof at the GAMT

This is a catchup written on AA1964 on 29 Jan on a flight back in time to Dallas, aka DFW – Dallas Forth Worth after the regional airport. As JFK was actually killed in 1963 the flight is just one digit out. That aside what else happened in SanFran after my initial blog you may ask? Well I almost have to ask the same question of myself as it was pretty non-productive as a gung-ho tourist – I aint in that category – blame my post flight jetlagged normal lethargy or whatever. Thursday 27 Jan – I was simply really slow and tired after the foolishness of having black coffee at the Garcon restaurant after lychee cocktail and a Californian white then a ditto pinot noir, and logging on at the hotel and not going to ... read more
Mitchell Bros Tenderloin
San Fran city hall
City Hall again

hello from San Fran - arrived here this morning at about 8.30am - earlier than when I left (that date line and all) - left SYD at 2.30pm on Australia Day - as the hostie on QF said on arrival - don't expect any Australia Day wishes here! I will be very brief as it is already past 1a.m. and I aint doing this too much on my first day! I managed a pretty good sleep on the 13 hr flight over - how come you say? - well getting an entire centre row of 4 seats all to myself about 3 rows from the back - I unrolled myself into that and wrapped myself in a blanket and headed off for blanket bay as soon as the plane was airborne - no useless QF meals ... read more
the Hotel Messer basin
Old Navy store in Market St
Union Square (gridiron style) building

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