Long Beach, California

Published: July 1st 2012
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After getting home from speedway at 2:30am, having dinner on the way home and all getting together for the mandatory debrief, we didn't wake up until 12:00 pm, thus missing half the day.

So we headed offdown the Californian 22W to Long Beach. It wasn't very far, I think 13 miles. We found a park and decided to walk to tour the Queen Mary 2. We could see the smoke stacks in the distance, thinking it was just to the left, but the navman was telling us to go further down. Anyway, we crossed a bridge to finally reach the QM2. It was interesting and I loved the old time opulence of polished veneer timber which was the main feature of the boat.

We went on the ghosts and legend tour of the boat which was hilarious. The tour leader was extremely dry and they showed us the first class pool in the middle of the ship completely enclosed with decks above. I felt as though I had seen it before, maybe in a movie (Phillip thinks it may be the Poseidon Adventure). We all liked it.

We caught the free bus back to Rainbow Harbor, where we went to Hooters for dinner. Eli reckons the girls are better here than Penrith. The food was ok, and considering we hadn't eaten all day, it was nearly all consumed.

Today we are going to Knotsberry Farm.

Lionel and Kirsten are getting married in Vegas tonight and they will be back in Anaheim tomorrow.


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