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My son Will has wanted Linda and me to visit him in Laguna Beach CA ever since he moved there in September 2017. After a long winter in Colorado...cold but with little snow...I was ready! I found a low cost airfare from Denver to John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana for the weekend of 4-7 May so the trip was on. I would drive to DIA and park there as Linda didn't think she could find her way home. Thusly, she would be without the car for the duration...Friday night to Monday night. I made sure she had enough food to last. 4 May 2018 Friday. I left home in Woodland Park midafternoon to catch a 7:20 PM United flight. It was good I gave myself extra time as the traffic through Denver to the airport ... read more
Will having breakfast on the porch with the view
Will tending to his garden.
Laguna Beach

Happy American Independence Day: Unite to make The United States Of America strong. Thanks America: read more

North America » United States » California » Orange County February 10th 2015

There’s a popular song about getting “your kicks on Route 66” but how about having some fun on California State Route 1? If you fancy experiencing California by road then the url= Route 1 could be the answer. Plan your road trip through the Golden State by choosing this legendary coastal road that is also known as Highway 1, and in its various sections, as the Shoreline Highway, Cabrillo Highway or the Pacific Coast Highway. Designated an All-American Road, the State Route 1 is widely regarded as one of the most picturesque drives in North America, taking in mile after mile of rocky coastline with stunning views over t... read more
Dana Point
Laguna Beach
Newport Beach at sunset

North America » United States » California » Orange County August 30th 2014

We’re a pair of Orange County, California-based retired seniors who still love traveling to places known and unknown. Top on the bucket list of husband Jovy, who will turn 80 come February, has been for as long as I can remember to take a road trip to Seattle, Washington and beyond. The problem was at 76 I still loved my work in drug prevention and would not think of retirement until I get a clear sign from God that it is about time. A bout of physical weakness after an official trip to Washington, DC in December proved to be the message I had been waiting for. Now retired, we could finally go and so the adventure continues. We figured that creeping old age, occasional bouts of morning weakness, our children’s apprehension about the wisdom of ... read more

North America » United States » California » Orange County » Irvine March 13th 2014

"Ok, so that is 10 socks, 12 shirts, wait, did I pack this?" "What else do I need again?" "Oh, I need a camera, fanny pack, I officially am an Asian tourist..." I am going to be an Asian tourist in an Asian country. Ha! The problem was I had scribbled down everything I needed for a 2.5 week trip that I couldn't read my own writing. Penmanship isn't my forte, and my mom would have been proud if I had been a doctor, I mean I have the writing down for a doctor at least. The weather in Bali is atrocious, scattered rain/thunderstorms with high humidity for the entire duration I am there...YUP! You read that right, the island where I am staying where is known for its beaches and resorts has a forecast ... read more

The sun flooded the sand for miles from right to left. Looking headon at the horizon about a quarter of a mile out, massive waves broke onto the shore, foam swallowing small surfers and bubbling into the sand. A cool headwind pressed against my feet circling through pedals as I went along the bike path that ran parallel to Huntington Beach, California. I was headed north, towards the Huntington Beach Pier which looked like a sliver of an open sore jetting out from the shoreline into the water. There was a calmness that hung on the air and filled my lungs. I breathed in as deep as I could and welcomed the chills it brought up my spine. I would pass by walkers, runners and rollerblader, fellow bicyclers and skateboarders. The sand spread out like a ... read more
Going in to Crush Some Waves!
My Brompton
At the Greek Theater

North America » United States » California » Orange County August 17th 2012

Departure day has arrived! Obviously I spent far too long at war with the weight of my suitcase. I tell you, it is NOT POSSIBLE to pack 15 pounds of course books plus all of your clothes and things for a whole month UNDER 50 lbs. It's insanity. There were almost tears. I threatened death upon the course materials and their printer. But we all came through alive (thankfully...though, the print shop should keep their guard up). Unfortunately, no pictures or playlist shall be posted at this time. It's currently 10 PM, and I need to be awake and semi coherent at 5 AM - hence the brevity of this post. Ah, the joys of segmented international travel at 10 AM. All in all, I will be in transit for basically an entire day and will ... read more

North America » United States » California » Orange County August 16th 2012

So I started packing. One tiny tiny bag down, and two to go. Evidently I've learned the error of my ways when it comes to shoes though. You (apparently, and so people tell me) don't need 10 pairs of shoes for a four week trip. Who knew? So, here you have it: packing for a month, multiple weather systems, and needing to be dressed up in 100 degree weather - you need a max of seven pairs of shoes. Also, dresses. Lots of sundresses of varying lengths. That's what works in the hotbox that is Southern Europe during the summer. The only problem with this: I'm going to Munich first. Where it's a solid 10-30 degrees cooler. Epic weather fail. I'll post a picture of the disaster that is my suitcase tomorrow, once it's successfully filled ... read more

After getting home from speedway at 2:30am, having dinner on the way home and all getting together for the mandatory debrief, we didn't wake up until 12:00 pm, thus missing half the day. So we headed offdown the Californian 22W to Long Beach. It wasn't very far, I think 13 miles. We found a park and decided to walk to tour the Queen Mary 2. We could see the smoke stacks in the distance, thinking it was just to the left, but the navman was telling us to go further down. Anyway, we crossed a bridge to finally reach the QM2. It was interesting and I loved the old time opulence of polished veneer timber which was the main feature of the boat. We went on the ghosts and legend tour of the boat which was ... read more

After breakfast went to Bally's opposite Bellagio. Then continued into Paris and Planet Hollywood all in the same line. Crossed the road using the bridge and saw the Cosmopolitan to the right of Bellagio. Then went with Sri and Shanthi by car and they dropped us at Mandalay Bay further down the main strip. From Mandalay Bay went to Luxor using the free mono rail. Continued through walkway into Excalibur and then saw New York New York all in the same line. Across the road was MGM Grand where we joined Sri and Shanthi who had been playing there and returned to Bellagio. R went to Planet Hollywood for lunch. I had left over wrap in my room. Did blog entries, packed up and left Las Vegas by 4.45. Reached home by 8.30pm. Sri and family ... read more
Mono rail entrance
Paris Casinos

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