The Adventure

Published: March 13th 2014
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"Ok, so that is 10 socks, 12 shirts, wait, did I pack this?"

"What else do I need again?" "Oh, I need a camera, fanny pack, I officially am an Asian tourist..."

I am going to be an Asian tourist in an Asian country. Ha!

The problem was I had scribbled down everything I needed for a 2.5 week trip that I couldn't read my own writing. Penmanship isn't my forte, and my mom would have been proud if I had been a doctor, I mean I have the writing down for a doctor at least. The weather in Bali is atrocious, scattered rain/thunderstorms with high humidity for the entire duration I am there...YUP! You read that right, the island where I am staying where is known for its beaches and resorts has a forecast of thunderstorms and rain.

Mother Nature 1 · Me 0

I am going with a group of classmates which we will be spending a week in Bali, Bangkok, and then Ko Samui. From there I spend another 7 days in Hong Kong visiting several different companies.

**This is probably the only post that won't have any pictures**

For contact purposes, I am 14 hours head of you guys for the 1st week (March 13 - 22) and 15 hours ahead (March 22 - 29) of you guys 2nd week. My Whatsapp is live and works via WiFi. My email is, if you want to check up on me and make sure that I haven't been sold off to a Chinese factory making the Iphone 6.

Lets go on an adventure!


14th March 2014

Bon voyage :)
Have a safe trip, and let me know if you find out if apple will ever come out with an actual new phone and not an upgrade.
25th March 2014

All good man, I'll see you in 5 days!
14th March 2014

Yes, you DO have the handwriting of a doctor.
Should have given me your list. I know how to decipher your chicken scratching. YEARS of practice ;-) Hope you have fun, Dear One. (and remember what we talked about . . . ;-)
25th March 2014

Stayed safe! And continuing to stay safe. I just got really sunburned.

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