Published: August 1st 2017
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Next stop, the famous LA! I've stopped counting the number of visits I did here. So these 2 days will be all about showing my preferred places to Tanya.

We are staying in Old Pasadena. This is a first for me. We are a little further from the tourists sites, making a stay a little more affordable. This is prime tourist season and a simple 3 stars hotel can easily charge you over 250usd a night....slightly madness! That may be ok if you are an American taking your 10 days of holidays per year, but our schedule is a little more extended than this, so I don't mind to drive 15 minutes more to get a more decent rate.

Old Pasadena is actually a very peaceful and lovely place to stay. I won't hesitate to sleep again in this area. So on our program, few discoveries for Tanya....first it has to be the food....the bad and the not so bad. I'm also happy to find again a Whole Foods supermarket next to where we sleep. The brand is not cheap, just bought by Amazon, but a perfect place to gather a nice dinner with a nice bottle of wine! I love to cook, so it's not going to happen a lot on this trip...but don't ask me to stop at mc Do or Taco Bell! We are on the road for a balance is important! Smile!

We spent time driving very slowly the Hills and Malibu beach front. Obviously adding a little stop for a drink at Duke's in Malibu. No cocktails for us today, I'm still driving, soft drinks will do!

We also spent some time at the Getty Center....and drove through places like Santa Monica, Hollywood, as well obviously as Beverly Hills. I even made it to LA Downtown on the way back to the hotel.

A visit for a girl to LA doesn't count if you don't spend some time on Rodeo that was also part of the trip! After going around, we had to do some relax time too! As we are on holidays, a little stop by the swimming pool was not a bad idea's hot here....and we do drive with the roof down from time to time when it's just getting too hot. And yes Mum, we do put sunscreen! Don't worry, our Mums don't ask this!

We ended our little LA time with a visit to the Griffith Observatory. This is our little La La Land moment. I visited the place last time with the kids in late December. We were on a rush and I promised myself to come back and not doing it on the run. So we did it slowly this time. Parked down the hill, walk nicely up the hill....and even took the time to queue to experience the huge see the little point that Jupiter is!

Our last night was on the East outskirts of LA. No intention to be locked into a huge traffic jam early morning while leaving LA to the North-East. Our next stop, it's Las Vegas baby....and it's going to be fun...and very hot! Coming soon!

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