Day 7 - Los Angeles

Published: July 12th 2010
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Today we had a later start, so went to the movies to see Despicable Me in 3D. It's a new Universal movie and was a great little movie to chill out enjoy. The movie theatre was huge! We got some hotdogs, popcorn and drinks. We thought it was rather funny that you buy your butter movie popcorn and then on the side they have a dispenser full of butter that you can add to your already buttered popcorn...YUM - not!
We then headed into Downtown LA to have a look at the stars. Stu is a bit over driving on these LA freeways, they are very full on and even with the tom tom it is still confusing. We parked up and went for a walk not realising HOW LONG the actual walk is, we imagined it would go for a few hundred metres but in fact it is stretched over 18 blocks. We didn't have time to see them all but we saw a fair few like Michael Jackson's, Nicole Kidman, OZzie Osbourne, Bee Gees, Keanu Reeves, Tom Jones, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, as well as hundreds and hundres of others. There are over 2,400 stars in all and new ones are added all the time. We also walked past the Kodak Theatre and Grauman's Chinese Theatre and the Roosevelt Hotel. Unfortunately we only had 2 hours to look around here (which is nowhere near long enough) as we were off to see the LA Dodgers take on the Chicago Cubs.
On arrival at the Dodgers Stadium we couldn't get over how many carparks where there. Quite overwhelming when you look at our Suncorp Stadium and there is no parking for ages from it. We finally got our park and headed up to the stadium. WOW, very impressive sight. People everywhere and the stadium had an awesome feel to it. The atmosphere was unreal and they really get the crowd involved. There are a LOT of serious fans out there in LA. So glad we went, was definently an experience. The stadium holds 56,000 people and there would have been 40,000 people there, not bad considering they play approximately 6 games per week during the season or 162 regular games total in a season. That is a lot of games!!!
We headed home after the game.
Tomorrow we are off to San Diego Seaworld. Can't believe we are 1 week into our holiday already.

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12th July 2010

Well you all are very busy,busy, by the photos you have taken. good luck at San Diego, love you all heaps, Robbie ,Narnie

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