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November 27th 2007
Published: November 27th 2007
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Los Angeles 27th October (Last Day)

Hot hot hot!!!!! 29deg at 10.30am. Looking forwad to Hawaii!!!!

Up early to pack and say goodbye to my roomies and few other people ive met in my short stay at Orbit. Took a short 15min walk to the farmers market on Farefax to have a walk around and get something to eat. Several people had recommended going to the market. First stop food. Got a steak salad sandwich and no word of a lie its the thickest sandwich i have ever had. Much have had a 4 inches thick of meat on it....very nice!!! Bought some fruit too for my lunch to help me detox my body! There so much choice of fruit..everything you can think off im sure is sold here!

Shuttle bus collecting me at 13:00 so not much time to look around but from what i saw it was a really really nice place. Appartently very popular with the stars - didnt spot any today.

Got back at 12.30 to find the shuttle bus had arrived early and gone without me....not a happy bunny! Went to office to kick off and find out whats gone on. Hostel organised Taxi for me and gave me $20 towards the fare so all was well in the end. At least now i can say ive been in an LA cab.

No dramas at the airport - really getting used these unfamiliar airports..piece of cake really!

Flight over to Honolulu was cool. Girl sat next to me was travelling, staying in the same hostel as me and was from preston (Heather). We decided to get little drunk on the plane and make a bit of noise and have a laugh. Everyone else on the plane was been very quiet and boring so we probable pissed everyone else off...nevermind im only having fun and enjoying myself lol.

Summary of LA

Its a 24hour 7 days per week Theatre. All the everyday people, tramps, drunks are part of the crazy show. Everyone is so exsentric and trying to out do each other and stand out more than the next person. Very good and funny to watch.

Would really have like to stay an extra few days so i could go back round certain places at my own pace, places like beverley hills, maybe gone to 1 of
Roomies from OrbitRoomies from OrbitRoomies from Orbit

Annette (from Grenada) and Sandy (Germany)
the theme park attractions. However since i was there ive been told all the theme parks are at Florida too and are actually better at florida.

Really enjoyed LA. Theres so much going on there always something to go and watch and see.

Orbit was a really good clean hostel. Full of good fun seeking people. Staff are nice, friendly and helpful. Staying at Orbit was bit daunting at first but i soon settled in and met some lovely & wicked people.


5th December 2007

Nurse Emma here! just catching up on your blog, glad you liked LA, ive been 3 times, and still havent seen everything. Currently in Sydney, its a hard life this travelling lark in't it!! x

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