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North America » United States » California » Lone Pine May 27th 2014

America is a huge country with so many amazing sites to see so while we were here in California it made sense to go and see as many as we could. We hired a car set off immediately after the public holiday, Memorial day, on a six day trip.Hopefully most of the crowds would have gone home! We had intended to travel north up the along the coast road, Highway One as far as Monterey then over to Yosemite Valley, a place I had been wanting to see for years before driving back South inland. However on the morning we were due to set off the infamous Californian sea fog had moved in along the coast meaning there would be no views. Instead, we made the instant decision to turn the trip around and travel North ... read more
Snowy Peaks of Whitney Portal
In temperatures of over 100 degrees F
Mount Whitney Looms up above us

North America » United States » California » Lone Pine April 16th 2014

Today was going to be another longish drive so we decided to start no later than 9.30-10. Steph and I decided to go to the Bellagio breakfast buffet and left Kerry still getting up as she wasn't up got it. We'd been to the buffet a couple of years ago for lunch so knew what to expect. They have everything you could ever think of for breakfast and you can eat as much as you like! We had some fruit, pancakes, french toast, eggs florentine and some coffee and juice. This time we didn't overheat like last time! And had a nice leisurely breakfast then we went for mother bit of gambling where I lost $20 then bought a few more gifts and ended up to get out stuff and check out, we'd one valet parking ... read more

North America » United States » California » Lone Pine February 6th 2014

Thursday, 6 February, 2014 We left Furnace Creek and drove to Stovepipe Wells, where we stopped for gas at $4.459/gallon. Outrageous, but it was 60 cents a gallon cheaper than in Furnace Creek. But if you saw those steep, winding mountain roads the tankers have to traverse to deliver gas to the park, you might understand the high prices. It was more overcast today than any other day of our trip. As, we headed west we saw more and more clouds. The haze and dreary skies washed the color and distance out of the vistas, making photography almost a waste of time. Kerry had forgotten how steep and winding the road is on the west end of the valley, and he didn’t like it one bit. Once we left the park and started down the west ... read more
Sand Dunes
Death Valley NP
Panamint Valley in the haze

North America » United States » California » Lone Pine August 4th 2012

Day 5: Happy Birthday Justin Happy Birthday Justin! 36 years old!! I started this page at 6:30 a.m. and the only one awake. I’d hung up a happy birthday on crepe paper banner between the trees then went to set in the sun. I was sitting on a hill behind the camp with the sun coming up over the mountain so the camp wasn’t bathed in sun yet. The hill isn’t heavily forested with lots of rocks and some debris from the trees and small grass filling in. The light was filtering thru the branches of the trees turning the bark to orange and red. It was cold, really cold but the cup of hot coffee felt good in my hands and going down the throat. I thought that this would be our last full day ... read more
Together One Last Time
Kids In the Stream
Birthday Candles

North America » United States » California » Lone Pine August 2nd 2012

There are not many better places to write in this world. I’m sitting on a log with trees around me, a deep blue sky, a lake in the background, no noise except our voices. One thing I haven’t written about is that hiking with a pack in a high altitude setting is hard work. I’m slow, slower than slow, slower than the slowest. It gets discouraging at times. It gets discouraging to be the slowest of the slow. The packs are heavier than heavy. The back hurts, feet and toes hurt. Lungs are gasping for air, sucking the pine needles off the trees like Cam said so perfectly. Throat is dry from sucking the air, so dry that to swallow makes you sick. Meanwhile after hiking for what seems so long one finds that they are ... read more
Breakfast View
Water Gathering
A Latte

North America » United States » California » Lone Pine July 31st 2012

Day 3: We were leaving our camp with packs full to hike to Hidden Lake. A trail would lead to a cutoff just past the stream, then we’d head off up over the hill with no trail (Donner Party?). We were there 12 years ago but could never find our way now. Since we had to pack up whatever remained we were then the last ones out. The planned formed was that Justin would lead Elias and Charlotte to the lake then Elias and Justin would empty their packs and return while Charlotte would stay behind and guard for bears. Justin returned with his pack emptied, packed up the trash to go out and stuff not needed for the remainder of the trip, packed it up and started down to the base camp. He would unload ... read more

North America » United States » California » Lone Pine July 29th 2012

So we are back and it is hard to think about the real world now. Fortunately I wrote while gone otherwise it would be too difficult to go back and piece together this trip. So here it goes: Day 1: Tues July 24th Unfortunately, starting late in the morning for a trip means a late arrival. So our 1st days plan had to be changed. We did make it in 3 hours to the ranger station/Visitor Center only to find that we had not confirmed our reservations to hike within the given time frame so that our reservations were canceled at 11a.m., a common occurrence as per the ranger. There were, however, enough open spaces so that we could still hike as planned. We had to rent bear cans to hold our food when in camp ... read more
Camp at Trailhead

North America » United States » California » Lone Pine July 24th 2012

Wow, we are finally on the road and true to form only 4 hours late! So we 1st had Elias and Charlotte divide out the food between the 4 of us, setting stuff by the each of our packs. When Justin came over everything changed; he had a bunch of food and clothes. For awhile we couldn’t even walk on the floor in the living room, it was piled high with bags, food and clothes. By 2a.m Dale and I had a chance to wash the kitchen floor and then start to gather our stuff. Bed couldn’t come soon enough. We had hoped to start out at 6a.m. but alas we didn’t wake up until after 8. I looked out the side door and saw Camilo and his boys sleeping in their truck. Cam had been ... read more

North America » United States » California » Lone Pine July 3rd 2012

GkidG Grandkids trips take a huge amount of planning, at least in order to save as much money as possible. We plan meals and most activities before hand and go to the store with huge lists in hand. This trip is a little different in that we are meeting our other kids, and grandkids at the campground. One son will bring lots of food but the other will likely just bring almond products and possibly some farmer’s market produce. We always take the kids on our food shopping trip and they pick out snacks. Since this is a grandkids trip we do spoil them at this time; lots of chips, crackers, dried fruit and otherwise junk food, fortunately they are not big candy eaters. We have what we call the snack drawer but today when I ... read more

North America » United States » California » Lone Pine April 5th 2012

4/5/2012 - Lone Pine to Mono Lake We did not get in a hurry today leaving Boulder Creek RV Resort in Lone Pine, CA. We will make a stop at the Law's RailRoad Museum in Bishop, CA today enroute. If you want to visit this museum in your travels, do NOT rely on your GPS. Check maps or local information, it is located 4.5 miles northeast of Bishop on HWY 6. WOW! Good value for the $5.00 per person. Well worth the stop. One of the volunteers took the time to explain the stamp mill and several old engines that had been restored by the volunteer. In the pics you see he even started on for us. After the museum, we got back on the road to Mono Lake through Inyo National Forest. Temp got down ... read more

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