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July 16th 2012
Published: July 16th 2012
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Last time I left you we were just headed to Kansas to see Thurman and Domanic. The trip between MS, MO, AK, and KS SUCKED, expecially when your riding out like we were and hitting the back roads most the way. Most of the way being except through Nevada and Kansas, as long as you've spit in a field or been to a sandy beach then you've seen them states. The only city that was of interest was the lower side of Memphis, TN.

Aside from Kansas sucking the visit was a blast. We pulled in late and Shawn had already fallen asleep, so he refused to get out of the car, we let him sleep in there. Thurman and I had the brilliant idea to have T run out and steal the car to scare the living crap out of Shawn. We didn't! However, we did lock him out in the morning until we woke up. Joys of being a stuborn teenager and having a brother who enjoys being an ass.

During our stay we went fishing out on Milford Lake and toured this creepy haunted house. The haunted house used to be alot scarier when I was
Buffalo BillBuffalo BillBuffalo Bill

In the middle of BFE, KS
kid, now its riddle in broken glass and beer cans. It looked as if someone started to buy it until the vandalism continued. The house its self is tucked back into a hill. You have to peer through thick undergrowth and walk tick infested path to get to it. Inside it looks like a castle. All the walls are stone, the layout is amazing, there is a hot tub up stairs, just a really neat creepy house.

Kansas was a lot shorter then expected, or at least it flew by too quickly. It was nice to see Thurm and Dom though. Ive grown up with them two guys. Many a Shinanigan went down there. Once we left kansas our eyes were set on conquering colorado and Rocky Mountains....


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