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June 17th 2012
Published: June 18th 2012
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Something to enjoy about waking up early in the morning to some fresh dripped coffee and relaxation in the hammoc thats tied between some of the pines out front. We got here two days ago and already got to throw a disc over a 300' gorge, climb rapids, swim in under water caverns, see Peregrine Falcons, and learn how to cook some balling veggie only meals. But the first part of the trip wasn't exactly as smooth.

The drive up and through Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi went smoothly. We pulled into Wall Doxey State Park near sunset that evening, it was sticky out, it had rained the night before. Mesquitos, Ticks, Sandflys, and any other flying creature you could imagine was in our campsite that night. Making the best out of it me Crystal, and shawn setup camp grabbed the camera and explored the shutdown area around the lake. I guess a kid drowned in one of the Mississippi state parks, so the State shut them all down.

Trying to settle down around a fire was next to impossible that night. Not only was the air moist and the wood around us wet, but the bugs must have been trained in chemical warfare because even our 100 Deet couldn't deter them. But we settled down for the evening eventually.

The morning brought more suprises, seemingly the sand flys and ticks got together and decided we look like a golden corral and had a buffet on just about anywhere the wanted on us. Shawn got the worst of it. I'm convinced the Mississippi ticks were racist and hated mexi-cans. Either way we continued on loading up and on ward to Junction City, KS.


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