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North America » United States » California » Chico May 25th 2015

We arrived in Chico around ten pm, after being stopped by highway patrol after Bill slowed down to let the vehicle with overly bright lights pass was a state patrol officer who thought Bill had been drinking since he slowed down and pulled over...after ten minutes of questioning Bill, the officer admitted to us that perhaps the lights on his new rig were quite bright.... The next day, Garth and Val had arranged for us to tour the Sierra Nevada brewery in Chico. It is an amazing facility, where nothing is wasted. After the tour, Garth drove us up the Butte Creek Canyon on a narrow back road up to the town of Paradise. We spent another night with Garth and Val at their lovely home in the hills above Chico before continuing on ... read more
Sierra Nevada Brewery Tour
Adding hops

North America » United States » California » Chico July 28th 2014

Day 21- Preparation for part 2 of our all time awesome summer road trip adventure! Ran more errands, got packed up all over again. Loaded up the car and we due to head north to Eureka, CA to visit more fam. I can't wait to see my niece, Galena!... read more

North America » United States » California » Chico July 25th 2014

Day 18- Arrived in Chico, CA in the afternoon. Unloaded the car, started laundry, had errands to run. Basically exhausted and still going strong. Here are those pictures I promised from a few days ago of days 14-17.... read more
Rocky Mountain Oysters
Awaiting Old Faithful
Old Faithful!!

North America » United States » California » Chico July 7th 2014

Day 1- My name is Jen. Stephen is my boyfriend, let's call him, Sven. We have been together for 5+ years. We met in college and things moved forward from there. Stephen is a teacher and gets summers off. I quit my job due to acceptance into a dietetic internship which starts in the fall and decided to stop working early to allow for some adventure time before getting back into the grind of school. Therefore, we decided to plan an ultimate summer road trip of seeing friends, family, strangers, sites, hiking, swimming, biking, camping, relaxing, and enjoying the scenery. We only have a few weeks, roughly 6. So we are sticking to the western United States, primarily Ca, Ut, Wy, Or, Wa are the places of interest. (Stay tuned for all of that). This is ... read more

North America » United States » California » Chico July 16th 2012

Time has gone by quickly on this adventure of ours, before I knew it I was settled into a daily routine. Maybe wake up make some fresh dripped coffee, which I think I will continue in Pensacola, help mike with the garden, sit on the porch, having casual conversation, and watching the day come alive. Maybe we would venture down the hill into town and go swimming in Bidwell park, or climb rocks over at pergine park, or stay in forest ranch and explore one of the many trails they have. Either way it didn't matter I was able to spend most this time here with some of the coolest people. Props to Kaygan, Mike, Gary, Thurman, and anyone else who helped us on this trip. This has been something I always wanted to do and ... read more

North America » United States » California » Chico July 16th 2012

Last time I left you we were just headed to Kansas to see Thurman and Domanic. The trip between MS, MO, AK, and KS SUCKED, expecially when your riding out like we were and hitting the back roads most the way. Most of the way being except through Nevada and Kansas, as long as you've spit in a field or been to a sandy beach then you've seen them states. The only city that was of interest was the lower side of Memphis, TN. Aside from Kansas sucking the visit was a blast. We pulled in late and Shawn had already fallen asleep, so he refused to get out of the car, we let him sleep in there. Thurman and I had the brilliant idea to have T run out and steal the car to scare ... read more
Buffalo Bill

North America » United States » California » Chico June 17th 2012

Something to enjoy about waking up early in the morning to some fresh dripped coffee and relaxation in the hammoc thats tied between some of the pines out front. We got here two days ago and already got to throw a disc over a 300' gorge, climb rapids, swim in under water caverns, see Peregrine Falcons, and learn how to cook some balling veggie only meals. But the first part of the trip wasn't exactly as smooth. The drive up and through Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi went smoothly. We pulled into Wall Doxey State Park near sunset that evening, it was sticky out, it had rained the night before. Mesquitos, Ticks, Sandflys, and any other flying creature you could imagine was in our campsite that night. Making the best out of it me Crystal, and shawn ... read more
Mammouth Springs, MO

North America » United States » California » Chico June 15th 2012

The first night is always the oddest. You settle down in a strange log cabin tucked in the woods of a farming town. One main store down town. Nothing to hear outside but the creatures. It took 12 days, 11 states, 4 or 5 state parks, a night sleeping by a waterfall, and finally 2hrs of windy mountainous roads to reach our destination. This is going to be a mini travel blog to document some of my travels. For the moment this is just to get it started I'll update it in the following days about our trip. Enjoy. Night.... read more

North America » United States » California » Chico May 19th 2010

Cool rain falls softly from the grey Chico sky. I had almost forgotten what it felt like to shiver. The last two months of South East Asia were the hottest of the year. The sun blistered wrapped in a sarong of moisture which saturated the air. Despite having moments where I thought I might pass out almost daily, these were some of the best months of my life. I tried in vain to keep the journal current as I travelled but managed precious few entries along the way. These I will update shortly but the rest will have to be recorded now from what I recall. For now, I feel like I’m recovering. Strange tides of unidentifiable emotions seem to be washing over me. Am I lonely, confused, misdirected or angry? And if any of these ... read more
Torturing Rowan with a Thai hat

North America » United States » California » Chico May 15th 2010

Took 99 north to Chico, CA, after a quick stop in Sacramento to grab a lifejacket and inner tube at Big 5 Sporting Goods. My mission is to scope out the local tubing spots. Using a web page as a reference, I checked out the Sacramento River tubing spot, which is calm water, and Butte Creek up in the foothills, which is more rapid and shallow (and colder). Both locales are absent of tubers, so it must be much too early. This stuff probably starts around Memorial Day at the earliest. I have the info now though, and I will return here later in the summer. With no tubing possible at the moment, I still have to occupy myself, so the mountains beckon once again. I head off to Lassen NP. Both the drive up and ... read more
Lassen NP Visitor's Center
Lassen NP Topo Map
Boiling smelly water

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