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October 1st 2007
Published: October 2nd 2007
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Mt. LassenMt. LassenMt. Lassen

Didn't get to hike this today. I think you can figure out why.
10/01 8:14PM Pacific Time (the blog dated today was actually yesterday; there are descrepancies sometimes in the dates/times).
Got to Lassen Volcanic National Park by 10AM this morning to find out that our weather check from yesterday was obsolete. We had planned on summiting Mt. Lassen (over 10,000 feet, with a hike that gained approx 2,000 feet to the summit), but there was a snow storm last night that dumped a fair amount of snow, so we had to alter our plans. We did a lovely hike to Terrace Lake and Paradise Meadows. We did encounter a fair amount of snow, but it was a lovely hike. And when we returned, we found out the road had opened and we could drive through the park (could only drive 12 miles in this morning when we arrived due to the snow; walked some on the road to the trailhead due to road closures). So, another great day and beautiful weather, even though we hiked a fair amount in the snow. Walked on the beach yesterday and hiked in the snow today. Go figure. Pics attached. And another very very winding road today. Scenic byway, of course, and no where to get gas
Jim and Susan at Paradise MeadowsJim and Susan at Paradise MeadowsJim and Susan at Paradise Meadows

Lassen Volcanic NP. It was a beautifuul day. Jim also threw the first snowball of the season at me. He missed.
and running on fumes. Very exciting. One more night in a hotel and then camping.

We walk into a little seaside restaurant perched on a hill. We've had good luck with these local haunts and we duck out of the rain and take a seat by the window. The woman in the next booth gives me the once over and I guess she's sizing me up as a tourist. I sit with my back to her. This is the Sunday lunch crowd, some older folks, youths, pretty busy and we wait a while to order.
The woman behind me is joined by a man--I never see him--but they both talk loudly in northeast accents so I hear every word. They make small talk and I try to figure out what is going on. They're not a couple, not relatives. What's up? Business deal, maybe. The man says something about not liking pretentious people or the neohippies in the area. "They come from middle class families and they have issues." His voice is monotone, serious. I immediately think he is full of shit. The woman says that pretentiousness has come up alot lately in her, "mind, body, and spirit
Terrace Lake at Lassen Volcanic NPTerrace Lake at Lassen Volcanic NPTerrace Lake at Lassen Volcanic NP

Hiked to this lake and then went a little further to see Shadow Lake. A very nice hike.
classes." No doubt. They seem to discover that they are both from eastern Pennsylvania, though he lived in Jersey "for a long time." That explains the accents and loudness. He's Jewish, but "has no real religious beliefs, is kind of a pagan." Jeez. Do I sound this ridiculous? Get a sense of humor, dude. She asks about his art. Of course. He's a potter from New Jersey, working out of his apartment. Then, finally, the truth is out: it's a date! He says, "I'd like to spend more time with you. I find you very attractive." I'm embarassed just to be hearing this. She stammers a, "Thank you." He adds, unncessarily, "I haven't been on many dates." No kidding! Any you're such a find, so confident and self-assured. I'm dying to have something to eat so I can be distracted. Why she doesn't run screaming from the restaurant is beyond me. Then she talks about a former lover, an alcoholic. Oh, no. He says something about wanting to see where "this might lead." To ruin, I want to say. Finally our food comes and I eat, famished. Eventually the mystery man asks if she would like to take a walk and they leave. Of course, it's raining. I think this might be symbolic somehow. I never look at them; I don't want to. Instead I look across at my lovely wife. How, how, how, I wonder, did I get so lucky?


2nd October 2007

Thank You for the chuckle...
I appreciated your telling of the seaside restaurant voyeurism (is it voyeuristic if you are only listening?). You told that story in a very artful and engaging way. Thanks for that. It's good to laugh and to be appreciative of the blessing of one's spouse.
2nd October 2007

Your blogs are getting better and better. This one is a gem!
2nd October 2007

Romance on the trail(by proxy)
A story to make one cry and thank God for what one has (or doesnt have)
4th October 2007

WOW - Snow!!
The pic of the mountain is beautiful!! Loved the tale of the date in the diner. Jim, how did you get so lucky?!!?? We're glad you have Susan - and that she has you!

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