Point Lobos

Published: April 10th 2009
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1: Rough Seas 55 secs
Point Lobos sits just South of Carmel on the coastline. Not only does it contain very cool coastline, but you can see Pebble Beach from certain points within the reserve. This day it was really windy and it was a bit interesting to see the waves pound the rocks along the coastline. There were a few Seals on hand and well, some resting on rocks, and some that seemed to be dozing in the water.

Check out the 54 second video clip to see how the wind fueled waves were hammering the coastline.

Additional photos below
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First peek at the South Shore areaFirst peek at the South Shore area
First peek at the South Shore area

Looks like a lone Cypress there on that rock on the right, but is not the actual "Lone Cypress" of the Pebble Beach Golf Company.

This guy came running across the trail, then thought I couldn't see it any more. Found these mostly around rocks where they could hide in a hurry.
Nice overlook straight aheadNice overlook straight ahead
Nice overlook straight ahead

Hold on to your hat though, it is windy!
Nice HauloutNice Haulout
Nice Haulout

There were a few Seals lazying on and around the rock closest to the Seal you see there on the beach looking straight at the camera. They lollygagged around in the surf until this one allowed the waves to dump it up on the beach. I merely had to wave to get this one's attention.
Allan Memorial GroveAllan Memorial Grove
Allan Memorial Grove

Some great coastline back in this area, but the better views you got, the more exposed you got to the wind. A windy day.
Looking South  to that lone cypress and beyondLooking South  to that lone cypress and beyond
Looking South to that lone cypress and beyond

The waves were just pounding those rocks to the right.
Western Edge of the Monterey PeninsulaWestern Edge of the Monterey Peninsula
Western Edge of the Monterey Peninsula

On the other side of the water, looking North here.
Path exposed to the elementsPath exposed to the elements
Path exposed to the elements

This is the Western most point in the path back in the Allan Memorial Grove. Tough to stand in this area on windy days.
I can see CarmelI can see Carmel
I can see Carmel

If you take highway 1 to Ocean Avenue in Carmel, and then go West on Ocean Avenue as far as you can go, you end up on that white beach you see just beyond the tip of this rock outcropping. Then, if you look just to the left of that white beach area, you see one of the world's most well known golf courses, Pebble Beach.
Looking back SouthLooking back South
Looking back South

All that white is from waves hammering those rocks.

21st September 2009

Love Point Lobos
Doug, enjoyed your short video. Point Lobos is one of my favorite spots. Visitors to this area should really take the time and visit. Not only is the beauty spectacular, but the history of this area is not to be missed
29th January 2011

Hi Cathy, Thank you for the comment, I agree, Point Lobos is very cool indeed. As a matter of fact, I am planning another hike/walk/jaunt around there in the next couple of weeks. Take care, Doug

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