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2ème jour et on atteint déjà des sommets. En partant Monterey nous sommes redescendus vers San Lui Obispo en passant par Carmel et la 17 mile drive en continuant de longer la cote. Je (Steph) peux affirmer qu'aujourd’hui j'ai vu une des plus belles choses de ma vie. Un paysage paradisiaque mêlant collines, forets, plages et falaises. Ou la nature s'invite parfois chez les gens comme ce groupe de cerfs ou je ne sais pas quoi qui se promenaient dans un petit patelin histoire de casser la graine. Ou alors les baleines et Lions de mer qui se mêlent aux surfeurs, et les écureuils et autres oiseaux qui se mêlent aux badauds. Les paysage s'enchainent à une vitesse incroyable et gagnent en beauté. Rien qu'une journée pour faire 150 miles ça reste trop court tant les ... read more

The road to Carmel was chokka.. we hadn’t expected it and we spent more time than we would have liked sat in traffic in searing heat, the Mustang‘ s tempertaure guage indicated 104 degrees outside ...phew man it was hot!!. We set off towards San Jose with our two way radios keeping us together and Jackie the navigator kept us informed by relaying the information from the sat nav we brought with with us...good planning...working well... so well we were confident enough to leave the freeway and its gridlock (due to the closure of the Bay Bridge and the fact tomorrow was Labor Day and folks were migrating elsewhere) and head for the coast road. Plan A was successful in as much as the gridlock on the alternate route was more picturesque than the freeway. We ... read more

After spending 5 months working at a hospital in Los Angeles, we are ready to begin our drive up the West Coast to see our friends in Oregon and Washington. The folks at Little Company of Mary Hospital in Torrance gave me a great sendoff and I am grateful for the time I spent there. In my experience, faith based hospitals have a different approach to the care of the patient and the family. At Little Company of Mary, this is described in their motto to "ease the way of others". During the time I spent here there were so many experiences of thier caring behavior. On Nurses day, they met nurses at the door and blessed their hands. When a manager decided to move to another organization, they had a "sending forth" ceremony in which ... read more
Sister Terrence and I
The Perioperative Gang
OR Stars!

Woke up early, 7:30! That used to be late when I was working! We turned the fireplace on in our RV (I know, right?!!!) and enjoyed our coffee. We took showers and took a walk down to the 'river'. The river is NOT...nothing, totally dry. We walked along the bed of the river for awhile. There were yellow leaves falling from the trees, the sun was warm; it smelled like autumn. We went back to the RV. Ken worked on the Cable for the TV and got it working. The previous owner of this RV had the wires all mixed up. I made us a turkey, swiss and tomato sandwich for lunch. The MORE CHANGES are that I got another job offer!!!!! I obviously have been interviewing for the last month, so the possibility is always ... read more

Our journey from LV to the coast of California was relatively uneventful. We broke it up with a slight detour to Antelope Valley and the California Poppy Reserve. This is an area of 8-miles or so of trails that weave through vast numbers of poppies and wild flowers. Unfortunately the best displays of the flora were to be found just outside of the park and my husband thought it was hilarious to sit in the car and photograph me picking my way through the undergrowth trying to get a good picture of the flowers. Note to self: do your research and wear more appropriate clothing when venomous snakes are going to be present. (For a laugh see my husband’s favourite picture. Sundress and walking boots - not a good look.) Luckily, I made it out of ... read more
Sundress and walking boots - fashion faux pas!!
Hearst Castle - outside pool
Hearst Castle - inside pool

Carmel by the Sea After the whole afternoon of fun driving, we arrived at the charming Carmel-by-the-Sea. Some of the cottages in this town are straight out of Hansel and Gretel story book. In addition to its ginger bread cottages, this city is famous for its white sand beach, art galleries, restaurants, and dog-friendly hotels. Doris Day’s Cypress Inn is a must see historic hotel. Its blanco Spanish architecture building features a tranquil courtyard and a cozy living room with an oversized fireplace. The afternoon tea service is a must try. A great variety of teas are complemented by a selection of homemade scones and tea cookies, tea sandwiches, jam and thickened cream. After strolling along the main and side streets in downtown Carmel, we were ready to head back to San Francisco. We decided to ... read more
Carmel by the Sea
Carmel by the Sea
Carmel by the Sea

Dorothy wasn't the only gal to rediscover the pleasures of being home. Despite my travels far and wide, I continue to enjoy the treasures right in my backyard. Invited by my special friend, Stephanie, who happens to own a Land Rover, we drove down to Carmel-by-the-Sea one recent Saturday morning for an off-road adventure. On the grounds of Quail Lodge, a former resort and current golf course, one will also find the Land Rover Experience driving school. The lodge sits on 850 acres - far more area than we could cover in our one-day adventure, which included some hair-raising off-roading, a slalom course and blindfolded driving (don't worry, one person gave instructions - the one without the blindfold, while the other slowly crawled through sets of cones scattered around a clearing). My highlights included the parts ... read more
Stephanie gets debriefed
Back country
Steph's friends' car

Excerpted from my book :OUR SUMMER IN CARMEL- (This posting covers my visit to the PB Councours in 2005) Late Thursday morning found me walking up into Carmel’s central business district, or to be more precise, Ocean Avenue, the main thoroughfare. This avenue is about a five minute walk from where we rented our house for the summer. I was on my way to witness a stopover on the eighth annual Pebble Beach Tour d’Elegance. This fifty-plus mile road rally brings Sunday’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance cars out of the “garage” and demonstrates that they are not just “hanger queens” only to be ogled at and photographed. They are also to be driven and enjoyed as they were a long time ago. In that sense, this touring event is what the Concours d’Elegance is ... read more
1938 Mercedes Benz

Excerpted from my book OUR SUMMER IN CARMEL; (Narrative about the 2005 Pebble Beach Councours d'Elegance) On the third Sunday in August, the center of the automobile universe is a tiny piece of golf-sacred land, the finishing hole on the famous Pebble Beach Golf Course, alongside beautiful Carmel Bay, California. Isn’t the 18th at Pebble an unusual place for such a boastful automotive claim? Here’s the background. Since 1950, when the inaugural Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and Road Race was conducted, the now week-long, peninsula-wide festival has grown to achieve an unparalleled status as the premier international celebration of the automobile. It began simply enough with a road race inside gated and private Pebble Beach, which in that first year was won by legendary driver Phil Hill. The accompanying Concours of about 30 cars at ... read more

EXTRACTED FROM MY BOOK: OUR SUMMER IN CARMEL, AMAZON.COM There is a lot of information in the next two posts for those who might want to consider adopting our "No Second Home" wanderlust lifestyle. Since beginning our annual escapades away from Florida’s abysmal summer climate, Elysee and I have had several cozy “Love Nests.” A town house in Kinsale, Ireland, a beach cottage on the Pacific Ocean south of Ensenada, Mexico, a first floor in a two-story villa overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Coogee Beach, Australia, and an apartment in view of the Karavanke Alps in Bled, Slovenia, and last summer a town house in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. We move furnishings about our temporary home to suit ourselves, and within a few days our several months-long rental becomes our home. Carmel was no different. Our SUV, ... read more

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