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January 5th 2006
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David and JaniceDavid and JaniceDavid and Janice

The grey haired nomads
A New Year - January 2006

David and Janice take to the road again, this time across the Atlantic to North America in search of culture, knowledge and the thrill of the unexpected.

After touring across Europe for eighteen months in a 23ft motorhome, they have found it hard to settle down to a normal life and normal routine in a normal house. But, it’s not for long. Plans for the second phase of their tour to ‘places to know better’, are fast taking shape and they‘re off again, motorhoming on yet another Continent.

With hopes of an awe inspiring 18 month stay in North America, (though initially tied to a six month US Visa restriction) the clockwise itinerary will take them northwards following the Pacific coast from Phoenix, Arizona, to Vancouver, Canada, journeying right across Canada from Vancouver Island on the Pacific to the Atlantic coast at Newfoundland, turning southwards back into the US again to see New England in the fall - and then to chase the sun south into Florida for Christmas and west along the Gulf of Mexico into Texas. Given time, there might be a window of opportunity to take in Cost Rica
The Grey Haired Nomad familyThe Grey Haired Nomad familyThe Grey Haired Nomad family

The family as at December 2008. From left to right: Bandy (the reindeer) Erik, Suzie, (of lost in the ravine fame) Todd and Wiwi, the kiwi. (didn't we tell you about New Zealand?)
for a short birding holiday and add on a trip through New Mexico and up to South Dakota and Yellowstone National Park. As with all travel plans, they remain flexible, so let’s see which way the stick floats.

If you missed their travels through Europe, seventeen countries from the west coast of France to Spain and Portugal, the south of France, Italy, Sicily, Sweden, Finland and all the way to the top of Norway, the Faroes, Shetland and the Scottish Islands, it’s all now on travelblog: Motorhome News from Europe - 37 blogs, complete with photos! The ramblings of the Grey Haired Nomads

So, get off your bottoms in front of the telly and join them, the grey-haired-nomads, as they set forth on another great journey; 40,000 miles by motorhome around North America.

David and Janice
The Grey haired nomads


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