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North America » United States » Arizona » Patagonia March 22nd 2020

blog 03-22-20 Last Full Day Watson and I took the trail to the upper part of the park to see where it lead us. Past the lake overlook, down the many steps, through the gate then along the lake shore. Again there was the humming of bees but no obvious swarm so we proceeded between the cattails and the woods. Picture There were some wet marshy areas but mostly dry and lots of birds singing everywhere. It was cooler here then up top and just a few kids with their parents. The smells were a combination of earthy and sweet from the willow blossoms. Oh, the willow blossoms were attracting the bees! Sure enough, on closer examination, there were thousands of bees all over the willow bushes, that is where the humming was coming from. The ... read more
the overlook
trail along the lake

North America » United States » Arizona » Patagonia March 21st 2020

blog 03-21-20 Opposite Side of the Park For this mornings walk we went south to further explore that part of the park. Past the Lakeside Market, the entrance to the marina then to the Visitor's Center which is closed til April 8th. The volunteers all went home early and there is not enough staff to man it, too bad for me, no new movie tonight. The first mountain picture you'll see has a building on top that I just had to find out what it was. It's an observatory that has tours certain days of the week but of course, it's closed now. Another trip. There is a high pedestrian bridge I had to work up courage to cross so it was now or never. Watson did the low crawl as did I, and we stopped ... read more
a map of the lake
the scary bridge
the marina

North America » United States » Arizona » Patagonia March 20th 2020

blog 03-20-20 Birds and Patagonia We delayed our start to the day til the sun had time to warm it up out there. There was a new adventure in store, I even brought my walking stick. We headed to the end of the campground and down the paved path to the observation area for bird watching. We sat and observed for a short time then we went further down the path where it turned to sand and then steps, lots of them. Near the bottom there was a gate to keep the cows out of the park. The neighbor's cows use this area adjacent to the creek as their pasture. There is an area with Mesquite trees and green plants growing beneath giving the woods a "dark, scary" appearance. Picture. To the left is the creek ... read more
the observatory is clearer in this picture
an immature broad billed
bird viewing area upper lake

North America » United States » Arizona » Patagonia March 19th 2020

blog 03-19-20 Tumacacori National Historical Park Our first outing today was a little later than normal because it was so cold this morning. It was below 40 last night in the driving rain and we hunkered down in our little house and were toasty warm. I took the car to the visitor's center to return a movie and get another one for tonight and got way-layed with all the bird activity. There were 2 very knowledgeable bird watching so I found out a lot about the local birds. There was an eastern cardinal pair in a bush and everybody was all excited to see them. They were extremely colorful but surely not new to me. There was a black-chinned hummer feeding on the flowers that was new to everyone so all the cameras were pointed in ... read more
female Pyrrhuloxia
male broad billed hummingbird
this shows the shape of his feathers and how they can be "flashed" .

North America » United States » Arizona » Patagonia March 18th 2020

blog 03-18-20 Rain day Very soon I am going to hang out my shingle, "Rain Maker". Yes, it has been beautiful for the past 3 days I can't complain, but this IS the desert, it's not supposed to rain much. Oh well, everything is different, including our lives, It's just the way of things. I rearranged and straightened the cabinets and took inventory to see what I needed and was I supplied sufficiently for a long isolation. All is well except for toilet paper, I'm down to 2 rolls, so I'll keep an eye out for that, no panic yet. Staying in the camper all day with no cell service and no tv was not an option so Watson and I took a ride around the park to the marina and up a big hill to ... read more
there is a baby nursing, too small to see well

North America » United States » Arizona » Patagonia March 17th 2020

blog 03-17-20 St Patrick's Day There was an appointment on the books for this morning for between 8 am and noon so I had to get up and going just in case they showed up at the first hour. As time dragged on I decided to sweep out the camper. Well one thing let to another and before long I was washing the cabinets and scrubbing the floor. The repair man didn't show up until 11:45. It was Safelite coming to repair the chip in my windshield in the car. The fellow was very pleasant and had the repair done in under 1/2 an hour and was off to his next job. They need to hire a helicopter for him,his territory is so big. Watson and I headed out for his walk and my exploring of ... read more
female house finch
vermilion fly catcher
campsite view

North America » United States » Arizona » Patagonia March 16th 2020

blog 03-16-20 Benson to Patagonia Lake I got up early and organized because the repair man was coming to fix my propane furnace. I have no electric here so it has been 45 inside the camper in the morning so getting the heater fixed was necessary. They arrived early and about 1 hr later declared my heater repaired. I had to leave the park by 11 am and I sure was ready to go. A quick stop at the grocery store and we were off, south on 82 then southeast on another small road. It only took about 1 1/2 hrs so before long we were settled and off exploring our new home for a week. I really like this campsite. It's level and is surrounded by trees and overlooks the lake, what more can you ... read more
the road to the hills
love those windmills
cut in the rocks

North America » United States » Arizona » Patagonia January 4th 2019

MICKEY FREE General Crook’s chief of scouts, Al Sieber, called him half Mexican, half Irish, and all sumbitch. His real name was Felix and he burst onto the scene in 1848 down in Mexico as the red haired son of Jesusa Martinez and an Irish dad. His dad was a deserter from an outfit of renegade Irish mercenaries who fought for Mexico in the Mexican War. He was on his hurried way to America and did not tarry long with Jesusa. She then fell in with a rooster named Santiago Tellez, who gave her another son named Santiago, but would not marry her. Felix took his name anyway. Eventually Jesusa and her two sons took up with a fellow named John Ward. John was an American who had built a ranch on Sonoita Creek a few ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Patagonia March 1st 2016

THE BASICS The first four weeks of this trip, we were mostly on familiar turf, so I had little new to write about. Then we moved to Ajo, formerly a copper mining town, with a lovely plaza in the town center. Next a few days in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, in a nice campground though without any hookups, until John was "full up" with cactuses. A couple of days in Tucson to restock, and then on to Patagonia Lake State Park. The big news is that Susie's baby arrived on February 26 in Salida, Colorado. Her name is Eliza Reed Hines, and of course she is the most beautiful baby ever. We will go to meet her, probably just via car, in a few weeks. THE FLUFF Our trip back out to Arizona was memorable ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Patagonia February 27th 2013

SYLVESTER MOWRY Sylvester was born in October of 1830 and graduated from West Point in 1852 near the top of the class. As a sparkling new second lieutenant he went west and took part in the survey, along with George B. McClellan, through the Columbia River Gorge for the Pacific Railroad. When that task was complete in 1854 he went off to Fort Leavenworth and joined Lt Col Edward Steptoe’s command. They were taking a group of remounts and new recruits out to California when President Buchanan asked that they stop over in Salt Lake City and investigate the Massacre of the John Gunnison Party by Pahvant Indians on the Sevier River. The investigation ended in the recommendation that an Army post should be established in Utah to keep an eye on God’s chosen ... read more

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