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October 20th 2017
Published: October 21st 2017
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Blog 10-20-17 Antelope Canyon

The alarm went off at 6:15am and I was excited to get up. Today Ginnie and I had reservations to tour Antelope Canyon with a group tour and I was really looking forward to going back. I had been there a few years ago and had a super experience so my anticipation was high.

We had the dogs fed and walked by 8:40 and left just a few minutes later. The meeting place was only 5 min away and we were there in no time as was a bus load of people from New Zealand. They are a singing group and landed in Las Vegas several days ago and are spending 10 days seeing the sights. Don't know how they landed on this tour but they are getting to see something really special.

We were all greeted by a Navajo man that played the drum and sang us his greeting song and welcomed us to the tour. We were broken up into groups of 12 and were loaded onto jeeps that were specially outfitted with benches with backs and we all faced out. There were seat belts for every 2 people so you got real chummie with your neighbor. Thank goodness my neighbor was Ginnie so if we crashed we flew together. Ernest was our driver and guide and he flew through the streets of town and around one corner I thought we would certainly overturn. The wind came from a different direction and off went Ginnie's hat onto the road then off to the side. Well, there was no stopping for it then, we'd come back later.

From the roadway we turned onto a dirt or actually sand road and you could feel the jeep strain to run through the sand. We must have traveled a good 1 1/2 miles with the sand blowing around us landing everywhere, even in our ears.

Finally at our destination all we could see was a big sandstone bank but just in the corner was a small opening, big enough for 2 people side by side but about 3 stories high cut in the rock. When it was our turn we entered the canyon and what we saw was something very strange. The walls were cut by water rushing through. About once a year there is a flood of water high enough from the surrounding area to flow into the canyon and whirl it's way through. Ernest said about 1/8 of an inch is cut away from the canyon every time the water comes through sometimes bringing trees with it. The water speeds through at 40 mph and swirls the whole way through. If it starts raining anywhere nearby you get out of the canyon immediately. The "road" we came in on is the river bed and that would flood too.

There was very dim light inside but Ernest said if you take a picture the colors will show up, and show up they did. The colors were amazing and together with the odd shapes made for some awesome photographs. They had a name for a lot of the places as we walked through, the bear and the eagle, the eye of the dragon, a Navaho sunset and they did all come to life.

As we came out the other end we talked a little of the experience then another guide was playing the flute with his group listening then we all listened. When he was finished the group around burst into the most beautiful harmonized song, they were the choir group from New Zealand, with that everyone stood spellbound. The walls of the canyon acted as an amphitheater which just magnified the sound. When the choir finished the flute player told a story of his people and how they do not have a word for hell or devil, that every action on your part comes back to you as a person and you need to enjoy life everyday but what you do is on you. I couldn't hear all his words but that is the essence.

I was so moved by the experience I had goose bumps and cried. It was incredablely special being in that place, it was spiritual, and I'm sure a lot felt that way. I keep recalling it in my mind and seeing the canyon.

Like all special things they come to an end and it was time to walk back through in a faster pace than going in. We did stop here and there to snap one last picture but Ernest was waiting at the Jeep for us.

The ride back was a blur for me as I kept recalling our experience. We got to the car and Ginnie drove back to the place where her hat flew off and yes, there it was waiting for her. Then on to Walmart before going home. We got a few things and were back home by 11. The boys didn't even know we were gone.

The rest of the day was spent just being lazy, Ginnie had a nap and I made a few phone calls.

The wind picked up in the afternoon and almost blew us off the hill. The clouds returned and sunset was lackluster again but we enjoyed happy hour outside then went in for dinner.

Tomorrow we leave for the Grand Canyon but Ginnie is getting the oil changed in the motorhome as soon as she can get out of here. I will stay with the dogs in the pen outside until she returns.

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