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North America » United States » Arizona » Maricopa May 12th 2019

Day 7 12/05/2019 Maricopa – Vancouver Up early and packed our bags as we were leaving today. Karly and Scott had arranged for a lovely mother’s day brunch at the local golf course. We were seated outside so that we could enjoy the view of the course. I ordered blueberry pancakes and Ron ordered a cinnamon scroll and when they arrived I had 3 of the biggest pancakes that you have ever seen and the cinnamon scroll filled a dinner plate. I now understand how the Americans are the size that they are! Not by what they eat so much but the quantity. After brunch we finished packing and then headed off to the airport. We said our quick farewells and then checked in to find that we were not seated together, and if we did ... read more
Mother’s Day lunch
Brunch at the Golf course
Arriving into Vancouver

North America » United States » Arizona » Maricopa May 11th 2019

Day 6 11/05/2019 Maricopa – Shopping After the past full on days we decided to have a sleep in and slow down. Karly and Scott went to get the regular Starbucks order and we all hopped into the spa to enjoy it and talk about our trip to the Grand Canyon. Rob’s nephew is in the car business and had rebuilt a 1970 Chevetelle fully restored worth approximately $40K US and circa 1970 mint condition Barracouta valued at approximately over $1 million US. Ron said that they were very impressive. So while the boys went off to drool over the cars the girls went shopping. We ventured off to the outlet Mall and it was all about trying on clothes. I think that Karly and Penni ganged up on me as they kept bringing dresses for ... read more
Prickly pear
Relaxing in the spa
Light show from the spa

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Day 2 7/05/2019 Maricopa Beuno Vista Trail Head Happy 60th birthday Ron! 😍 We had a really good sleep and then joined the family in their Phoenix morning tradition of having a Starbucks coffee in the spa. What a great way to start the day. Could be dangerous if we decide to add a. spa at home (not much would get done). We had a light breakfast and then headed off to the BeaunoVista Trail Head. After a steep winding road to the top of the mountain we headed off for a walk. We decided to head towards the Fat Mans Pass. It was a beautiful walk with plenty of Cactus dotting the walk. Rob and Scott decided to do a different walk so Penni, Karly, Ron and I continued along the walk. We noticed a ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Maricopa May 6th 2019

Day 1 6/5/2019 Melbourne - LA - Phoenix At the airport early and with a quick check in with having premium Economy seats made the process so much easier and quicker. Again quite seamless going though immigration and then breakfast. The directions from the stewardess was to follow the black signs For premium economy with Ron it is always the “dark side” we just laughed. Seats are so comfortable there is now no going back. The meals were very tasty and as usual too much food being thrown at you. Unfortunately not a lot of sleep. Arrived in LA on time went through customs and immigration without any hastles. Wow what a difference in America with security you need to remove belts, shoes and everything from your pockets before going through the the security checks. Ron ... read more

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