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North America » United States » Arizona » Gila Bend June 4th 2022

One thinks of a pedigree as a sanctioned stamp of good breeding. Thoroughbred racehorses. Edwardian landed gentry. But comic books? These aren't just any comics but specimens from the Golden Age of American comics, 1938-1956, including some purchased in a U.S. concentration camp. A comic book pedigree is the rare designation applied to a collection of vintage material gathered by a single collector at the time of publishing. There are currently 61 pedigrees widely recognized in the comic book world. The Bette Okajima Pedigree is one of them.This pedigree is something of a legend. One theory has it that the collector was a 10-year-old girl at the Manzanar concentration camp in the California high desert. Another speculates that the Okajima signature on the covers was actually by the hand of Bette's brother. Would a girl collect ... read more
My Aunt, the collector

North America » United States » Arizona » Gila Bend May 28th 2020

Think has published a great article about anti-Asian rhetoric from the Orange Man, and others. Here are some excerpts. It makes me sad, since my parents and grandparents went through Relocation and incarceration (see tar paper barracks above) after Pearl Harbor. I often try to imagine how they felt, particularly when my Uncles (one pictured above) were drafted into the Army, to fight the very country from which they came. I sincerely hope we are not headed down this path again. Here:In the past several months, countless Asian Americans have been punched and kicked and threatened, told that they'll be sorry if they don't leave this country — their country. They've been blamed for COVID-19: yelled at by strangers in parking lots, refused service at stores and needlessly, cruelly scapegoated by... read more
Camp life in the hot Arizona desert
Asian protests today
My Uncle was drafted out of Relocation camp, sent to Japan with the MIS

North America » United States » Arizona » Gila Bend March 27th 2015

PAINTED ROCK Take exit 102 from the I-8 freeway west of Gila Bend and go north 11 miles to the BLM campground at Painted Rock. The campground is situated beside an amazing petroglyph site. Indians have been camping there and scribbling on those rocks for thousands of years. None of those scribblings have been done using paint though. Be careful where you step or reach. Many of the petroglyphs are snake figures. Snakes have been camping there for thousands of years too. The Gila River flows merrily along nearby. Following the Mexican War the Gila was the international boundary. The Mormon Battalion followed the Gila to California in 1846 and built the crudest of roads as they went. As the country expanded by 1857 the Butterfield Trail followed the route taken by the Mormons between Benson ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Gila Bend December 28th 2012

OATMAN MASSACRE Roys Oatman was a hard headed Dutchman. Once he set his mind to a task he would prefer to face calamity than to ever retreat. He was raised a Methodist in the Burnt Over District of New York State, but moved on to Ohio, and then Western Illinois where he fell in with the Mormons. Roys liked the teachings of Joseph Smith, but when Holy Joe was killed the church leadership broke into factions. Some followed Sidney Rigdon back to Pennsylvania, but most followed Brigham Young over to Iowa and onto Utah. Roys didn’t like either choice. He finally settled on James Colin Brewster as a spiritual leader. Brewster was only a child, but Holy Joe thought the lad had powers similar to his own. They had convinced each other that Brewster ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Gila Bend January 1st 2012

No one was moving too fast, but we made our way across the desert to Organ Pipe NationaL Monument. What a beautiful park, just above the border. We got there after dark and bedded down. Ed was trying to use the inverter with no sucess. No big deal, we really don't need it. We have solar panels for lights. Then, the propane alarm kept going off. We had a propane tank filled on the way and we figured that was the probelm. No big deal, we will deal with it in the morning. The original plan was the spend 2 nights here, but we leave in the morning for Mexico! Yeah!... read more
OUr Camper
All 4 Truck Campers

North America » United States » Arizona » Gila Bend April 24th 2010

Distance Traveled: 307 mi Towns from today: San Diego, Jacumba, and El Centro, CA; Yuma, Sentinel, and Gila Bend, AZ Slept late this morning and went for a run in San Diego Harbor. Lots of folks out there, and the weather was great. San Diego is really nice and we would definitely come back. After we checked out of the Hilton, we headed down to Old Town San Diego, which is considered to be the first place people settled in Cali. We have vowed not to talk about food on this trip, but I have to say breakfast was MONEY! We ate at Cafe Coyote, which is a Mexican restaurant and it had some freaking awesome omelettes (carne asada), awesome guac, and unprecedented flour tortillas made right there from scratch. We took a pic of one ... read more
Sunset Cliffs, San Diego
Canyon Cafe
Mile 0

North America » United States » Arizona » Gila Bend January 18th 2010

One of the joys of being free from the ability to research and fact check is that I can ponder at will without the annoyance of challenging my own assumptions. I'll let you, dear reader, do so in the comments section. Since my last posting I have continued to consider the ubiquitousness of the border patrol and that the prime reason given in the area is the drug runners. Whatever, we are all aware that it is to keep out illegal aliens, namely, brown skinned Mexicans, not narco-terrorists so much. That being said, the drug war has made the border and parts of Mexico more dangerous than in years past. Melisse and I have given up on the idea of revisiting Baja California due to so many people dissuading us that, due to corruption, and potential ... read more
War profiteers?
the real victims of the war
War Profiteer?

North America » United States » Arizona » Gila Bend January 18th 2010

We have been spending some time by ourselves in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. This is the only place in the US where organ pipe cacti grow, though they cover a great deal of Mexico to the south. The scenery is sublime. The canyon walls soar above us and the vegetation is lush. Saguaros, organ pipe, palo verde, mesquite, creosote bush, prickly pear, cholla, jojoba all abound though not always together. Variations in soil and temperature from one turn of a trail to the next will offer a completely different set of plants. We are also on the lookout for critters as well. So far we have seen numerous bird species as well as a pair of javalina and a pair of coyotes. Hiking in the desert in January is wonderful. The temperature is ideal (especially ... read more
Late afternoon
Two Beauties and a Beautiful Scene

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