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North America » United States » Arizona » Benson March 15th 2020

03-15-20 Tombstone again It was a little cloudy this morning so it didn't get as cold last night but I was prepared. We did our morning routine quickly because I wanted to get back to Tombstone in the morning before it got too hot for Watson in the camper, he was staying home! I left about 9:30 and was the first person in line for a stage coach ticket. I wanted to hear all about the town while it passed by. We had a real cute driver and after a few lame jokes we headed out down the street in a cloud of dust. It seems the town burned down twice but only the second floors. The base was made of adobe and that didn't burn. Lots of pictures, they will tell the story. I got ... read more
Tombstone doctor's house

North America » United States » Arizona » Benson March 14th 2020

blog 03-14-20 Pat's Birthday! I woke up positively freezing. It was 48 inside the camper and 41 outside, a real frosty morning. The joys of not having electric for the small heater and the propane heater on the blink. The sky however was clear and that bright AZ sun had it almost toasty inside before too long. After coffee and a brief walk for Watson a member of the welcoming committee came by to welcome me to the park and tell me what was going on for the weekend. There was a scavenger hunt using the golf carts, and a pool tournament and a cook-out in the afternoon followed by a cowboy shoot-out courtesy of the actors from Tombstone. All for $5.00, how could I pass that up. I packed up Watson and we headed for ... read more
the stage
lots of charactors

North America » United States » Arizona » Benson June 14th 2013

A nice relaxing day. Drove into Benson, AZ and did some much needed laundry and ran some errands. Went back to camp and grilled out for lunch. Went to the Kartchner Discovery Center here at the park and toured the museum. We had tickets for the Kartchner Caverns Tour for 3:00 PM. It was spectacular and beautiful. Please read the following about the recently discovered cavern and how it was kept secret for 12 years and why. ANSWER TO YESTEDAYS TREE?? Desert Willow History of Kartchner Caverns State Park Opened & Dedicated November 5, 1999 By Charles R. Eatherly In November 1974, Gary Tenen and Randy Tufts were exploring the limestone hills at the eastern base of the Whetstone Mountains. They were looking “for a cave no one had ever found” and found it. The ... read more
Kartchner Discovery Center

North America » United States » Arizona » Benson December 17th 2012

J6 RANCH John G. F. Speiden owned the J6 Ranch about 9 miles west of Benson, AZ. He was a Cornell educated banker who had to move to Arizona for the salubrious health benefits of an arid climate. In 1936 he needed an adobe office built on his ranch and needed a couple of stout Irish lads as hod carriers. Any Mexican could build a fine adobe, but Speiden was lonesome for some snooty company from back east. What better place would there be than Boston to find a couple of unemployed Irishmen during the Great Depression? He took out a help wanted ad in the Boston Globe. His ad came to the attention of a fellow named Joe who had a couple of teenage sons, Joe Jr and John, who were making him ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Benson November 25th 2011

Some of you know I lived in Arizona as a toddler. (Were the stagecoaches running then? Ymmmmmmm?) I feel at peace in this climate and so does Tom. We stayed at The Voyager in Tuscon (friend Joannie's growing-up town.) While in Tuscon we toured the Airforce Museum. We saw an old version of Airforce One, Columbine, which served President Turman. Also, the Airforce One that returned the Hostages from Iran in the early 80's was on display. We saw a SR71 Blackbird with Leigh Vandenbergs' famous silver tire. (This is inside information that Tom's aircraft tire buddies will appreciate.) We looked down the business end of an A10 (Dave Wagner will recognize this view.) And Karen prepared for her performance with the Blue Angels. (Ha!) We then moved further South to Benson, Arizona. To our surprise ... read more
Saguro Nat'l Park
Border Patrol Practice
Mike & Linda with Us

North America » United States » Arizona » Benson January 16th 2011

Our blog begins in Scottsdale, Arizona. In October we were introduced to Panache Desai, a spiritual master, currently living in Florida. Panache was born in Great Britain of Indian decent. His family enjoyed a long history in the presence of Spiritual Masters. Apparently this too, was his destiny. We joined Panache and 109 people from all over the world, including our good friends Kelly and Jenna Santillo of Maine, for a weekend spent meditating, clearing and enjoying the bliss that comes as a result of abiding as the Self. This was probably one of the most powerful, and transformational weekends of our lives. After blazing the trail home, to the very heart of being… it was time to hit the trail again on planet earth and head south. This time we ended up in Benson, Arizona. ... read more
More Chiricahua
Sabino Canyon Colours
Sabino Canyon Tuscon

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